A Hierarchical Image Matting Model for Blood Vessel Segmentation in Fundus Images

Project Code :TMMAIP50


In this work, a hierarchical image matting model is proposed to extract blood vessels from fundus images. More specifically, a hierarchical strategy is integrated into the image matting model for blood vessel segmentation. Normally the matting models require a user specified trimap, which separates the input image into three regions: the foreground, background and unknown regions. However, creating a user specified trimaps laborious for vessel segmentation tasks.

Here, we propose a method that first generates trimap automatically by utilizing region features of blood vessels, then applies a hierarchical image matting model to extract the vessel pixels from the unknown regions. The proposed method has low calculation time and outperforms many other state-of-art supervised and unsupervised methods. It achieves a vessel segmentation accuracy of 96:0%, 95:7% and 95:1% in an average time of 10:72s, 15:74sand 50:71s on images from three publicly available fundus image datasets DRIVE, STARE, and CHASE DB 1, respectively.

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