A Hybrid Compensator for Unbalanced AC Distribution System with Renewable Power

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Project Code :TEPGPS740


The main objective of this project is to design and implement a hybrid compensator for an unbalanced AC distribution system with renewable power sources and mitigate voltage and current unbalance, harmonics, and reactive power imbalances caused by the intermittent nature of renewable power sources


In this project, a hybrid compensator with a new coordinated control is proposed for mitigating power quality aspects and integration of renewable power in an unbalanced three-phase four-wire distribution system. The proposed compensator comprises of thyristor switched capacitor (TSC) banks, delta connected thyristor controlled reactor (TCR), a 3rd and a 5th harmonic tuned passive LC filter & a low rating three-phase four-wire D-STATCOM. The TSC-TCR operates asymmetrically for the base var compensation and also eliminates negative sequence current during unbalanced loading at the point of common coupling (PCC). The D-STATCOM works in coordination with the TSC-TCR and the passive filters to compensate fundamental var, zero sequence current, voltage flicker & 7th harmonic currents at the PCC. The D-STATCOM thus serves as a supportive var compensator as well as an active filter in selective harmonic compensation mode, thereby improving the var compensation and harmonic current filtering at the PCC. A new coordination control system is proposed to control the operation of the D-STATCOM which is also employed to integrate a PV source & a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) based wind energy conversion system (WECS) to the PCC. This scheme with grid connected and islanded mode of operation using D-STATCOM exhibits low-voltage ride-through capabilities. Further, the chance of resonance of the passive filters used with source inductance is eliminated in the proposed scheme. The simulation results can be evaluated by using Matlab/Simulink Software.

Keywords: DFIG, D-STATCOM, hybrid compensator, hybrid filter, power quality, series tuned passive filter, svc, tcr, tsc, unbalance compensation.

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Block Diagram


Software Configuration:

Operating System       : Windows 7/8/10

Application Software: Matlab / Simulink

Hardware Configuration:

RAM                           : 8 GB

Processor                     : I3 / I5 (Mostly prefer)

Learning Outcomes

·         Introduction to Matlab/Simulink

·         What is EISPACK & LINPACK

·         How to start with MATLAB

·         About Matlab language

·         About tools & libraries

·         Application of Matlab/Simulink

·         About Matlab desktop

·         Features of Matlab/Simulink

·         Basics on Matlab/Simulink

·         We can learn about DSTATCOM

·         We can learn about SVC

·         We can learn about Pulse width modulation

·         Project Development Skills:

o   Problem analyzing skills

o   Problem solving skills

o   Creativity and imaginary skills

o   Programming skills

o   Deployment

o   Testing skills

o   Debugging skills

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