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Having to know about the Web applications that have been recently preferred by many business operatives is exciting. So, we discuss the basics of Web application and then we proceed in-depth to the technical aspects of it. Then, we present the web application project ideas for students and web application ideas for final year projects.

What is a Web?

The term “Web” which is most generally known, is an inter-attached database of public pages that could be visited with the help of Internet services. So, understand that the terms “Web” and “Internet” are not the one other the same. 

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a utility program that is stored on a remotely controlled server and distributed via the internet by making use of several market-available browsers. These web applications have started to empower many businesses in accordance with its ability to carry out diverse functions without any constraints on the type of platform (i.e.) web application has the potential of supporting many platforms. 

What are the Uniqueness between a Web Application and a typical Website?

The Uniqueness between a Web Application and a typical Website could be realized by the following categorizations, which will be discussed one by one below. 

  • Purpose of creation

  • Authorization

  • Way of User communication

  • Work and its Complex level

  • Kinds of software

  • Deployment

  • Compilation

Purpose of creation

  • A web application was developed for the sake of communicating with specific consumers.

  • Where a website was developed to display static contents available in it to the general public. 


  • All the web applications would be asking for some sort of authorization since they are built to serve more purposes than the typical website.  

  • While, the website never requires any authorization since they primarily showcase info that could be publicly shared and distributed. 

Way of User communication

  • A web application permits the user to manipulate the prohibited information in addition to reading it. 

  • Whereas a website will be allowing a user to view and read the contents that are being displayed to them. 

Work and its Complex level

  • These web applications obviously have many complexities as they are primarily built to serve complex tasks. 

  • Now, the websites primarily showcase the already gathered data that could be available publicly. 

Kinds of software

  • The web application is a sub-set of the website. 

  • While, the website itself is a product that gets visited by the public. 


  • Even the meagre variations in the web applications demand the re-compilation of the whole project. 

  • But in a website, meagre variations are possible without the re-compilation of the whole project. 


  • The web application has to be compulsorily compiled prior to the deployment.

  • While, the website doesn’t compulsorily require to be compiled prior to the deployment.

Why is a Web Application the future?

As Web applications have the potential of supporting numerous platforms with much easier and more flexible operations, the usage of these applications is estimated to increase at an astonishing rate. As these kinds of applications perform all the functions served by conventional applications, the benefits imparted by the web applications are also more. Thus, many tools/ techs like PHP, Python, CSS, Ajax, HTML, etc. are utilized to create such multi-functions serving web applications. As a result, Web Application Project Ideas for Students are immense and few are free as well. 

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How many types of Web Applications exist?

The types of Web applications that are in practice are of the following types:

  • Dynamic typed web applications  

  • Rich Internet typed web applications  

  • Static typed web applications  

  • Singular page web applications 

  • Online Commerce-based web applications  

  • Content Management System-oriented web applications

  • Portal-based web applications  

  • Animated web applications  

Dynamic typed web applications  

As the name suggests, these web applications serve dynamic functions depending upon the request made by the user. These applications are created with the help of techs like ASP.NET and PHP. 

Rich Internet typed web applications  

These web applications primarily execute all the purposes that could be served by the desktop-based conventional applications. Not just that, they don’t pose browser-based constraints, but instead, these applications are useful for fixing. 

Static typed web applications  

This was the type of web application that got built firstly. These static typed web applications were found to build using the techs like CSS and HTML. It is much suiting to the firms that primarily develop multi-purpose software. 

Singular page web applications 

These singular page web applications are a subset of dynamic typed web applications. It doesn’t need any reloads when used in the browsers. Typical examples include Twitter and Gmail. 

Online Commerce-based web applications  

These online mode commerce web applications are built with the aim to educate and create awareness about any services or products that a large quantum of consumers require. Typical examples include Amazon and Flipkart. 

Content Management System-oriented web applications

These CMS web applications are primarily built to empower a content owner to change the contents without any aid from any technical member. Many CMS tools are available in the market and some of them are

  • Joomla

  • Wordpress 

  • Drupal

Though many CMS tools are available, the most preferred one is WordPress because of the benefits and simplicity imparted by WordPress.

Portal-based web applications  

These portal-based web applications target a specific set of consumers to make available critical data on the home page. These web applications are limited to registered consumers only. 

Animated web applications  

This type of web application empowers the users to display any type of content in the animation format. The design and innovativeness of these applications are immense, however, the animated web application can’t suit the needs of SEO personnel. 

What are the prerequisites to execute Web Applications?

Coding/ Scripting are generally needed on the below-mentioned two sides for the successful conduct of Web applications:

  • Coding/ Scripting of Server Side

  • Coding/ Scripting of Client-Side

Coding/ Scripting of Server Side

Some of the techs for carrying out the coding/ scripting on the server side are given in the below pointers.

  • Zend Framework


  • ASP

  • PHP

  • Perl

  • Coldfusion

  • Python

Coding/ Scripting of Client-Side

Some of the techs for carrying out the coding/ scripting on the client-side are given in the below pointers.

  • MooTools

  • CSS

  • Ajax

  • HTML

  • Dojo Toolkit

  • jQuery

  • JavaScript

Prevailing Issues in the Web dependent Application Projects

Though the issues in the web-dependent application projects are manty, the prevailing issues include the following:

  • Unapproriately selecting the apt technological stack.

  • Unclearer aim defining.

  • Internet-based threats for protection

  • Difficult UI and uneasy design

  • Poor UX

  • Unacceptly lower performance 

  • Reduced speeds

  • Less Scalable ability 

These Issues could arise anytime during the planning or implementation, however, the chances of rectifying the issues taking place during the implementation stages are higher. 

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Top Web Application Project Ideas for Students

Few of the Web Application Projects for Final Year Students are given below. 

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