At Takeoff Projects, we are equipped with in-house experts who can help you with any embedded system projects of your choice. Whether you are looking to get your hands on Subsystem embedded projects, Standalone projects or Network projects we are equipped with the right resources, personnel, equipment and infer structure to deliver the best output within given deadlines. So far, Takeoff Projects has successfully assisted more than 10,000+ students and can help you too.

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Project Name
1 TEMBPG925 Face Recognition Door Lock System Using Raspberry Pi
2 TEMBPG890 Banana Leaf Disease Detection using CNN
3 TEMBPG887 Real Time Vehicle Classification and Localization
4 TEMBPG888 An AI-Based Visual Aid With Integrated Reading Assistant for the Compl...
5 TEMBPG889 UV Sterilization Robot
6 TEMBPG891 A Glove that Translates Sign Language into Text and Speech
7 TEMBPG892 An Efficient Smart Irrigation System for Solar System by using PIC and...
8 TEMBPG893 Analysis and Testing of Dual Axis Solar Tracker for a Standalone PV Sy...
9 TEMBPG894 Machine Learning-based Surveillance System for Detection of Bike Rider...
10 TEMBPG895 Oil Spills Detection on Sea Surface by using Sentinel–1 SAR Images
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Embedded System Projects

Embedded Systems built the world around us. From the minute we wake from our bed to the second we close our eyes we continuously interact, utilize, live and thrive with an embedded system. In short, comfortable life is not possible without an embedded system.

So if you are a student who is looking for practical application of your knowledge and skill in daily life, picking up embedded projects is the right thing to do.

What is an embedded system?

An embedded system is a special-purpose computer that is custom-built by an engineer to serve a specific purpose in our daily life. Essential components of an embedded system include microcontrollers, microprocessors, memory, input/output interfaces and power supply. 

Embedded System Projects – A Perfect Blend of Hardware & Software

A printed circuit board stands at the heart of an embedded system and when it is programmed with the right code it runs the hardware, processes the data and generates output that is desired by the user.

So an embedded system project is where hardware and software come together to perform a specific task – an output we desire. In real -life an embedded system can be a:

Embedded Subsystems: An embedded subsystem is part of a larger system with a host computer (control). Adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems in a vehicle, digital controllers in machines, mouse, keyboards etc. are all embedded systems that only work when part of other large systems.

Standalone embedded systems: Embedded systems that can perform their function independently without any support from the larger system. Calculators, Sports watches, MP3 players, refrigerators, microwave ovens & washing machines are examples.

Network embedded system: These embedded systems depend on wireless communication or servers to perform their specific task. ATM machines, POS machines, home security machines, home automation or IoT (Internet-of-Things) come under network embedded systems.

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