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Developing or even choosing the right algorithm to solve the chosen problems in a Digital Image Processing Project needs to expert guidance from experienced resources, which Takeoff Projects alone can provide. 

From choosing the right project idea to identifying the right tool and providing coding assistance in Python, our trainers can help your Digital Image Processing Projects take off successfully. Even better, we can even provide hundreds of Digital Image Processing project ideas and provide the right help from initiation to project completion effortlessly. 

You can either choose the project from our library or come up with your own idea. Our experts at Takeoff Projects will provide complete support and handle a successful project well within your deadline.

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Project Code
Project Name
1 TEMBPG919 Facial and Voice Recognition Based security and Safety System in Car
2 TEMBRE19_401 The Methodology Review Of Traffic Safety Monitoring By Using Video Rec...

Raspberry pi

3 TEMBRE19_04 Detection Of Calcium Carbide Based Ripeness In Mango Fruit

Raspberry pi

4 TEMBRE19_57 An Intelligent Dress Uniform Identification System

Raspberry pi

5 TEMBRE19_156 Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification Using Image Processing Technique

Raspberry pi|Embedded applications

6 TEMBRE19_271 Continuous Arm Gesture Recognition Based On Natural Features And Logis...

Raspberry pi|WSN|Embedded applications

7 TEMBRE19_395 Fingerprint And Iris Biometric Controlled Smart Banking Machine Embedd...

Raspberry pi|WSN

8 TEMBRE19_455 High Protection Voice Identification Based Bank Locker Security System...

Raspberry pi|WSN|ARM7

9 TEMBRE19_494 Implementation Of Machine Learning For Gender Detection Using Cnn On R...

Raspberry pi

10 TEMBRE19_499 System Of Detection And Scanning Bar Codes From Raspberry Pi Web Camer...

Raspberry pi

Items per page:
1 – 10 of 12

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Digital Image Processing is a branch of digital signals processing that focuses on digital images. An image is to a digital image processor what a signal is to a digital signal processor; both systems transform the input to produce an output that caters to our needs or application.

A digital system uses an algorithm to process these images. This image processing has a wide variety of applications in digital cameras, computers, mobile phones, aircraft, medical devices, robotic systems and more. So naturally, there is an extraordinary scope of digital image processing projects for students who wish to apply their knowledge or solve real-world problems.

Digital Image Processing Projects for Students

A Digital Image Processing Project at the core is all about performing manipulation of the raw data (digital image) to extract essential features and meaningful information out of them. 

To better understand the concept of Digital Image Processing projects here is an example for you:

Consider your digital image processing project is about monitoring social distancing between the pedestrians. The input is CCTV footage that is first processed to detect the pedestrians. The distance between the data points (pedestrians) is now calculated to categorize the danger. 

Input, operation and output – every DIP project follows a similar pattern but the challenge lies in writing the code that gets your operation done to give you the right output. And this is where Take Off Projects can help.

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