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1 TEMBMA3511 IoT-Based Automatic Bed Vacancy Detection in Hospital


2 TEMBMA3523 Advanced Spirometer Based Human Respiration Diagnosis
3 TEMBMA3408 An Iot-Based Covid Patient Health Control System
4 TEMBMA3420 IoT Based Heart attack Detection and Heart Rate Monitoring System
5 TEMBMA3432 A Smart Tele-Healthcare System for Real-Time Health Monitoring and Rem...
6 TEMBMA3434 E-medicine: Health Care Monitoring System based on IoMT
7 TEMBMA3440 Automatic Fall Detection system for patients with Parkinson's disease
8 TEMBMA3461 Design and Implementation of an Interoperable IoT Based Health Monitor...
9 TEMBMA3498 Smart Wearable Device to Prevent Accidents Caused by Medical Emergenci...
10 TEMBMA2956 A wearable system for respiratory and pace monitoring in running activ...
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