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Student Ambassador

Takeoff wants Students, who have extra skills of self confidence with leadership qualities to promote the organization in higher position. Being a student going to college by morning & coming by evening & mugging up the book, this only won't help you to reach greater heights in your career.

Takeoff has come out with a good offer, we have an answer here...

We are recruiting students as student ambassador from engineering (B.Tech/M.Tech) / Diploma / MCA / MBA / M.Sc. institutions in India, who is having leadership qualities.

Student Ambassador Program

The Takeoff Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Takeoff and their colleges to promote organization products / services.

Ambassador Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate should be an College student
  • Candidate should have more self confidence
  • Candidate should have leadership qualities
  • Candidate should have interest to work with any environment
  • Candidate should actively participate in all the activities carried out by us.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • You have to analyze the company's profile completely
  • You have to update our feedback status about takeoff in your institutions
  • You have to promote our technical updates in your institutions
  • You must maintain cordial relationship with takeoff
  • You have to attend regular meetings conducted at takeoff premises
  • You need to visit our website regularly

Benefits for Student Ambassador

  • Here is the right place to earn experience
  • You would be granted "Student Ambassador Authorization" as soon as you register
  • Here you will be getting industrial experts Network which helps you to enter into industries easily
  • You would be awarded as Special Leadership Achievement certificate
  • You would be personally trained by Hr Personnel's from reputed companies, who would mould you into an industry ready Professional
  • We will surprise you with gifts like Mobiles, ipad, Tabs and many more!!! . These are the benefits of being a Students Ambassador

Our Programs and career @ Takeoff for Student Ambassador

  • Industry Recognized Internship
  • Inplant Training in your field of Interest
  • Workshop on latest technologies
  • Final Year Academic Projects guidance for B.Tech & M.Tech (All branches), Diploma, Msc, MCA & MBA
  • Software industry required courses training
  • Placement Assistance
  • Soft skills training

Locations and application

Takeoff offers Student Ambassador Program in multiple regions in all over india. See below for takeoff Student Ambassador Program locations, dates and application processes for your local region.

Don't miss this opportunity to boost up your career and become industry ready to walk in as a student and leave out as a professional!

Student Ambassador

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