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Front End Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Arithmetic Core Projects Action
1 TVMAFE56 A Hardware-efficient Logarithmic Multiplier With Improved Accuracy View Details
2 TVMAFE24 A Theoretical Framework For Quality Estimation And Optimization Of DSP Applications Using Low-power Approximate Adders View Details
3 TVMAFE65 Factorized Carry Look Ahead Adder View Details
4 TVMAFE25 Concurrent Error Detectable Carry Select Adder With Easy Testability View Details
5 TVMAFE68 Performance Evaluation Of Fixed-point Array Multipliers On Xilinx FPGAs View Details
6 TVMAFE63 Design Of Delay Efficient Hybrid Adder For High Speed Applications View Details
7 TVMAFE01 A Low-power High-speed Accuracy-controllable Approximate Multiplier Design View Details
8 TVMAFE14 Tosam: An Energy-efficient Truncation- And Rounding-based Scalable Approximate Multiplier View Details
9 TVMAFE21 A Combined Arithmetic-high-level Synthesis Solution To Deploy Partial Carry-save Radix-8 Booth Multipliers In Datapaths View Details
10 TVMAFE27 Design Methodology To Explore Hybrid Approximate Adders For Energy-efficient Image And Video Processing Accelerators View Details
11 TVMAFE33 Machine Learning Based Power Efficient Approximate 4:2 Compressors For Imprecise Multipliers View Details
12 TVMAFE43 New Majority Gate Based Parallel BCD Adder Designs For Quantum-dot Cellular Automata View Details
13 TVMAFE64 Energy Efficient Speed-independent 64-bit Fused Multiply-add Unit* View Details
14 TVMAFE02 Design And Evaluation Of Approximate Logarithmic Multipliers For Low Power Error-tolerant Applications View Details
15 TVMAFE16 Analysis, Modeling And Optimization Of Equal Segment Based Approximate Adders View Details
16 TVMAFE28 Static Delay Variation Models For Ripple-carry And Borrow-save Adders View Details
17 TVMAFE34 Modified Binary Multiplier Circuit Based On Vedic Mathematics View Details
18 TVMAFE50 16 Bit Power Efficient Carry Select Adder View Details
19 TVMAFE57 A Low Power Binary Square Rooter Using Reversible Logic View Details
20 TVMAFE86 Design and Analysis of Majority Logic Based Approximate Adders and Multipliers View Details
21 TVMAFE09 Dual-quality 4:2 Compressors For Utilizing In Dynamic Accuracy Configurable Multipliers View Details
22 TVMAFE18 Efficient Implementations Of Reduced Precision Redundancy (RPR) Multiply And Accumulate (MAC) View Details
23 TVMAFE30 Tunable Floating-point Adder View Details
24 TVMAFE35 Rounding Technique Analysis For Power-area & Energy Efficient Approximate Multiplier Design View Details
25 TVMAFE52 An Efficient Design Of 16 Bit MAC Unit Using Vedic Mathematics View Details
26 TVMAFE60 Fast & Energy Efficient Binary To BCD Converter With Complement Based Logic Design (CBLD) For BCD Multipliers View Details
27 TVMAFE11 A Two-speed, Radix-4, Serial–parallel Multiplier View Details
28 TVMAFE20 Design Methodology To Explore Hybrid Approximate Adders For Energy-efficient Image And Video Processing Accelerators View Details
29 TVMAFE26 Design And Analysis Of Approximate Redundant Binary Multipliers View Details
30 TVMAFE32 Low-power High-accuracy Approximate Multiplier Using Approximate High- Order Compressors View Details
31 TVMAFE42 Fast Hub Floating-point Adder For FPGA View Details
32 TVMAFE53 A Design And Implementation Of Montgomery Modular Multiplier View Details
33 TVMAFE71 Implementation Of Addition And Subtraction Operations In Multiple Precision Arithmetic View Details
34 TVMAFE75 Sensor-based Approximate Adder Design For Accelerating Error-tolerant And Deep-learning Applications View Details