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Artificial Intelligence Major Projects
Sl.No Project ID
Artificial Neural Network Projects
1 TMMAAI24 A Comprehensive Study Of The Effect Of Spatial Resolution And Color Of Digital Images On Vehicle Classification View Details
2 TMMAAI36 Design of a Bio signal Based Stress Detection System Using Machine Learning Techniques View Details
3 TMMAAI41 Facial Expression Recognition Based on Multi-Feature Fusion and HOSVD View Details
4 TMMAAI19 Underwater Image Processing Using Hybrid Techniques View Details
5 TMMAAI25 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Support Vector Machine (p-svm) For The Segmentation And Classification Of Plants View Details
6 TMMAAI37 Early Detection of Kidney Disease Using ECG Signals Through Machine Learning Based Modelling View Details
7 TMMAAI42 Real-time Pattern Recognition for Hand Gesture Based on ANN and Surface EMG View Details
8 TMMAAI22 An Experimental Study With Imbalanced Classification Approaches For Credit Card Fraud Detection View Details
9 TMMAAI26 A Hybrid Feature Extraction Method With Regularized Extreme Learning Machine For Brain Tumor Classification View Details
10 TMMAAI23 A Unified Matrix-based Convolutional Neural Network For Fine-grained Image Classification Of Wheat Leaf Diseases View Details
11 TMMAAI33 Tomato Classification According To Organoleptic Maturity (coloration) Using Machine Learning Algorithms K-NN, MLP, And K-means Clustering View Details
12 TMMAAI40 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Feature Selection for Face Recognition View Details
13 TMMAAI03 Brain Tumors Classification From Mr Images Using A Neural Network And The Central Moments View Details
14 TMMAAI38 Improvement of Video Human Activity Reorganization by using ANN Approach View Details
Artificial Intelligence Major Projects
Sl.No Project ID
Deep Learning Projects
1 TMMAAI45 Bangla Handwritten Digit Recognition Using an Improved Deep Convolutional Neural Network Architecture View Details
2 TMMAAI08 Fingerprint Image Identification For Crime Detection View Details
3 TMMAAI12 Convolutional Neural Network Based Image Distortion Classification View Details
4 TMMAAI17 Near-infrared Image Guided Neural Networks For Color Image Denoising View Details
5 TMMAAI27 Multi-classification Of Brain Tumor Images Using Deep Neural Network View Details
6 TMMAAI31 Underwater Image Enhancement With A Deep Residual Framework View Details
7 TMMAAI43 Dense Fuse: A Fusion Approach to Infrared and Visible Images View Details
8 TMMAAI09 The Chicken’s Legs Size Classification Using Image Processing And Deep Neural Network View Details
9 TMMAAI13 Ship Detection From Optical Satellite Images With Deep Learning View Details
10 TMMAAI18 Hsn: Hybrid Segmentation Network For Small Cell Lung Cancer Segmentation View Details
11 TMMAAI28 Brain Mri Image Classification For Cancer Detection Using Deep Wavelet Auto-encoder Based Deep Neural Network View Details
12 TMMAAI32 SAR Image Change Detection Based On Deep Denoising And CNN View Details
13 TMMAAI44 Breast Cancer Classification using Capsule Network with Preprocessed Histology Images View Details
14 TMMAAI06 An Improved Deep Neural Network For Classification Of Plant Seedling Images View Details
15 TMMAAI10 Joint Classification And Prediction Cnn Framework For Automatic Sleep Stage Classification View Details
16 TMMAAI15 Pattern Generation And Dimensionality Reduction Using Cnn For Image Restoration View Details
17 TMMAAI20 Deep Ensemble Machine For Video Classification View Details
18 TMMAAI29 GACM Based Segmentation Method For Lung Nodule Detection And Classification Of Stages Using CT Images View Details
19 TMMAAI35 1-D Convolutional Neural Networks for Signal Processing Applications View Details
20 TMMAAI07 Fast Facial Emotion Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks And Gabor Filters View Details
21 TMMAAI16 Low-light Image Enhancement Via A Deep Hybrid Network View Details
22 TMMAAI21 Medical Imaging Using Machine Learning And Deep Learning Algorithms View Details
23 TMMAAI30 Convolution Structure Sparse Coding For Fusion Of Panchromatic And Multi-spectral Images View Details
24 TMMAAI39 Social Network Identification Through Image Classification With CNN View Details
25 TMMAAI04 Visual Tracking Using Non Local Similarity Learning View Details
26 TMMAAI05 A Cascaded Convolutional Neural Network For Single Image Dehazing View Details
27 TMMAAI11 An Improved Palmprint Image Recognition Algorithm Via Image Restoration View Details
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