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Power systems Major projects
Sl.No Project ID Hybrid systems Projects Action
1 TEMAPS25 Development Of Wind And Solar Based Ac Microgrid With Power Quality Improvement For Local Nonlinear Load Using Mlms View Details
2 TEMAPS58 Coordination Control Strategy For Battery-ultracapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System In Microgrids With Unbalanced And Nonlinear Loads View Details
3 TEMAPS111 A Novel Virtual Resistor And Capacitor Droop Control For Hess In Medium Voltage Dc System View Details
4 TEMAPS04 Grid-connected Wind-photovoltaic Cogeneration Using Back-to-back Voltage Source Converters View Details
5 TEMAPS35 Performance Investigation Of Multifunctional On-grid Hybrid Wind-pv System With Oasc And Maf Based Control View Details
6 TEMAPS63 Fault Current Hierarchical Limitation Strategy For Fault Ride-through Scheme Of Microgrid View Details
7 TEMAPS113 A Cooperative Adaptive Droop Based Energy Management & Optimal Voltage Regulation Scheme For Dc Microgrids View Details
8 TEMAPS08 Lmmn Based Adaptive Control For Power Quality Improvement Of Grid Intertie Wind-pv System View Details
9 TEMAPS46 Modeling Of An Intelligent Battery Controller For Standalone Solar-wind Hybrid Distributed Generation System View Details
10 TEMAPS68 Effective Grid Connected Power Injection Scheme Using Multilevel Inverter Based Hybrid Wind Solar Energy Conversion System View Details
11 TEMAPS22 Unbiased Circular Leakage Centered Adaptive Filtering Control For Power Quality Improvement Of Wind-solar Pv Energy Conversion System View Details
12 TEMAPS55 Comprehensive Controller Implementation For Wind-pv-diesel Based Standalone Microgrid View Details
13 TEMAPS110 Wind-hydro Microgrid And Its Control For Rural Energy System View Details
14 TEMAPS156 Enhanced control strategies for a hybrid battery/photovoltaic system using FGS-PID in grid-connected mode View Details
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