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Front End Major Projects
Sl.No Project ID Testing Projects Action
1 TVMAFE48 An Analysis Of DCM-based True Random Number Generator View Details
2 TVMAFE55 Design And Implementation Of Low-power High-throughput PRNGs For Security Applications View Details
3 TVMAFE67 On Cyclic Scan Integrity Tests For EDT-based Compression View Details
4 TVMAFE40 Chaos-based Bitwise Dynamical Pseudorandom Number Generator On FPGA View Details
5 TVMAFE70 Power Estimation Of Embedded SRAMs Using BIST Algorithms View Details
6 TVMAFE77 Study On Early Capture Based VLSI Aging Monitoring Techniques View Details
7 TVMAFE78 A Lightweight LFSR-Based Strong Physical Unclonable Function Design on FPGA View Details
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