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Domain Based Research Projects
Sl.No Project ID Bio Medical Projects Action
1 TEMBRE19_372 Body And Fall Detection System With Heart Rate Monitoring View Details
2 TEMBRE19_823 Novel Wearable Sensor Device For Continuous Monitoring Of Cardiac Activity During Sleep View Details
3 TEMBRE19_47 Pillsense: Designing A Medication Adherence Monitoring System Using Pill Bottle-mounted Wireless Sensors View Details
4 TEMBRE19_829 A Wireless IOT System Towards Gait Detection in Stroke Patients View Details
5 TEMBRE19_390 An Iot Based Multi-parameter Data Acquisition System For Efficient Bio-tele Monitoring Of Pregnant Women At Home View Details
6 TEMBRE19_09 Adjustment Of Bed For A Patient Through Gesture Recognition: An Image Processing Approach View Details
7 TEMBRE19_541 Real-time Monitoring Of Bone Fracture Recovery By Using Aware, Sensing, Smart And Active Orthopedic Devices View Details

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