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Domain Based Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Image Processing Projects Action
1 TEMBMA490 Mechanism To Read Smart Text From Image Using Ocr And Opencv With Raspberry Pi 3 View Details
2 TEMBMA882 Raspberry Pi Based Intelligent Autonomous Campus Mobility Services View Details
3 TEMBMA1674 Modeling Human-Likeness in Approaching Motions of Dual-Arm Autonomous Robots View Details
4 TEMBMA40 Identification Of Artificially Ripened Fruits Using Smart Phones View Details
5 TEMBMA04 Detection Of Calcium Carbide Based Ripeness In Mango Fruit View Details
6 TEMBMA07 Adjustment Of Bed For A Patient Through Gesture Recognition: An Image Processing Approach View Details
7 TEMBMA13 Design Of Real-time Pid Tracking Controller Using Arduino Mega 2560for A Permanent Magnet Dc Motor Under Real Disturbances View Details
8 TEMBMA20 Rfid Based Airport Luggage Checking And Tracking System Using Gsm Technology View Details
9 TEMBMA25 On The Diffusion Of Lightweight Image Encryption In Embedded Hardware View Details
10 TEMBMA35 Towards A Novel Approach For Designing Smart Classrooms View Details
11 TEMBMA101 An Intelligent Dress Uniform Identification System View Details
12 TEMBMA124 Wireless Digital Traffic Signs Of The Future View Details
13 TEMBMA147 Monitoring Corrosion Process Of Reinforced Concrete Structure Using Fbg Strain Sensor View Details
14 TEMBMA175 Deep Into The Brain: Artificial Intelligence In Stroke Imaging View Details
15 TEMBMA219 Real-time Eye Tracking For Password Authentication View Details
16 TEMBMA237 Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification Using Image Processing Technique View Details
17 TEMBMA449 An Automatic Rfid Detection Based Railway Identification System View Details
18 TEMBMA478 Educating Students In Remote Areas Using Augmented Reality View Details
19 TEMBMA496 Smart Guiding Glasses For Visually Impaired People In Indoor Environment View Details
20 TEMBMA626 Fingerprint And Iris Biometric Controlled Smart Banking Machine Embedded With Gsm Technology For Otp View Details
21 TEMBMA637 The Methodology Review Of Traffic Safety Monitoring By Using Video Recording For Express Bus View Details
22 TEMBMA697 An Automatic Recognition Of Fake Currency Note Using Raspberry Pi View Details
23 TEMBMA725 High Protection Voice Identification Based Bank Locker Security System With Live Image Authentication View Details
24 TEMBMA746 System Of Detection And Scanning Bar Codes From Raspberry Pi Web Camera View Details
25 TEMBMA798 Voice Assisted Text Reading System For Visually Impaired Persons Using Tts Method View Details
26 TEMBMA803 Voice Assisted Text Reading System For Visually Impaired Persons Using Tts Method View Details
27 TEMBMA927 Implementation Of Machine Learning For Gender Detection Using Cnn On Raspberry Pi Platform View Details
28 TEMBMA955 Raspberry Pi Based Vehicle Starter On Face Detection View Details
29 TEMBMA977 Raspberry Pi Based Automatic Selfie Booth View Details
30 TEMBMA988 Secure Fingerprint Bank Locker With Image Capture View Details
31 TEMBMA1001 Android Controlled Wildlife Observation Robot View Details
32 TEMBMA1147 An Intelligent Dress Uniform Identification System Using Arduino View Details
33 TEMBMA1178 Arduino Based Wireless Digital Traffic Signs Of The Future View Details
34 TEMBMA1225 Real-time Eye Tracking For Password Authentication Using Arduino View Details
35 TEMBMA1232 Arduino Based Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification View Details
36 TEMBMA1301 Continuous Arm Gesture Recognition Based On Natural Features And Logistic Regression Using Arduino View Details

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