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Domain Based Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Industrial Automation Projects Action
1 TEMBMA158 An Early Detection System For Proactive Management Of Raw Milk Quality View Details
2 TEMBMA469 Raspberry Pi Based Intelligent Autonomous Campus Mobility Services View Details
3 TEMBMA569 Rfid Based Petrol Pump Automation System View Details
4 TEMBMA876 Automatic Gas Cylinder Booking Over Iot View Details
5 TEMBMA169 Developing Fish Feeder System Using Raspberry Pi View Details
6 TEMBMA489 Mechanism To Read Smart Text From Image Using Ocr And Opencv With Raspberry Pi 3 View Details
7 TEMBMA587 Electrical Load Controlled By Pc View Details
8 TEMBMA906 Iot Electronic Door Opener View Details
9 TEMBMA292 Fuel Allocation And Lockout System View Details
10 TEMBMA599 Rfid Based Pesticides Dosing With Automatic Plant Irrigation For Agriculture Applications View Details
11 TEMBMA1747 Object Sorting Automated System Using Raspberry Pi View Details
12 TEMBMA129 Collision Warning With Auto Brake & Complete High Voltage Disconnect During Crash View Details
13 TEMBMA459 Protection Of Power Transformer By Using Pic Microcontroller View Details
14 TEMBMA535 Wind Solar Complementary Power Inverter Based On Microcontroller View Details
15 TEMBMA608 Automatic Movable Railway Platform With Train Arrival Detection View Details
16 TEMBMA518 Multi-sensor Integrated System For Wireless Monitoring Of Greenhouse Environment View Details
17 TEMBMA116 Condition Monitoring Of Wind Turbine Blades Using Active And Passive Thermograph View Details
18 TEMBMA146 Monitoring Corrosion Process Of Reinforced Concrete Structure Using Fbg Strain Sensor View Details
19 TEMBMA194 Design Of A Contactless Tachometer View Details
20 TEMBMA212 Design Of Arm Based Embedded System For Industrial Application Using Tcp/ip Network View Details
21 TEMBMA231 Intelligent Food And Grain Storage Management System For The Warehouse And Cold Storage View Details
22 TEMBMA305 Automatic Optimization And Control Of Power Factor, Reactive Power And Reduction Of Thd For Linear An Nonlinear Load By Using Arduino Uno View Details
23 TEMBMA323 A Raspberry Pi Controlled Antenna System For Switchable Tilted-twin Beams View Details
24 TEMBMA372 Iot Based Bicycle System View Details
25 TEMBMA395 Raspberry Pi And Gsm Based Smart Energy Meter For Advanced Metering And Billing System View Details
26 TEMBMA437 Iot Based Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi View Details
27 TEMBMA524 Smart Ration Card System Using Rfid And Embedded System View Details
28 TEMBMA631 Android Controlled Railway Level Gate Control View Details
29 TEMBMA648 Voice Controlled 230v Lamp Dimmer With 10 Levels Of Intensity Control View Details
30 TEMBMA702 Automated Door Opener With Lighting Control Using Raspberry Pi View Details
31 TEMBMA719 Automatic Monitoring And Control Of Vehicle Entry/exit In Forest Area With Raspberry-pi, Python And Open Cv View Details
32 TEMBMA735 Clean Energy Consumption Of Power Systems Towards Smart Agriculture: Roadmap, Bottlenecks And Technologies View Details
33 TEMBMA745 System Of Detection And Scanning Bar Codes From Raspberry Pi Web Camera View Details
34 TEMBMA774 Real Time Monitoring & Analyzation Of Hazardous Parameters In Underground Coal Mines Using Intelligent Helmet System View Details
35 TEMBMA899 Semantic Rules Engine For The Industrial Internet-of-things Gateways View Details
36 TEMBMA1092 Microcontroller Based Automatic Waste Segregator View Details
37 TEMBMA1099 Raspberry Pi Based Automatic Waste Segregator View Details

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