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Domain Based Major Projects
Sl.No Project ID Electrical Projects Action
1 TEMBMA586 Electrical Load Controlled By Pc View Details
2 TEMBMA1754 PIC Microcontroller Based Power Factor Correction for Both Leading and Lagging Loads Using Compensation Method View Details
3 TEMBMA458 Protection Of Power Transformer By Using Pic Microcontroller View Details
4 TEMBMA533 Wind Solar Complementary Power Inverter Based On Microcontroller View Details
5 TEMBMA114 Condition Monitoring Of Wind Turbine Blades Using Active And Passive Thermograph View Details
6 TEMBMA193 Design Of A Contactless Tachometer View Details
7 TEMBMA304 Automatic Optimization And Control Of Power Factor, Reactive Power And Reduction Of Thd For Linear An Nonlinear Load By Using Arduino Uno View Details
8 TEMBMA394 Raspberry Pi And Gsm Based Smart Energy Meter For Advanced Metering And Billing System View Details
9 TEMBMA542 Wireless Communication Technologies For Smart Grid (wams) Deployment View Details
10 TEMBMA647 Voice Controlled 230v Lamp Dimmer With 10 Levels Of Intensity Control View Details
11 TEMBMA734 Clean Energy Consumption Of Power Systems Towards Smart Agriculture: Roadmap, Bottlenecks And Technologies View Details

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