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Controller Based Major Projects
Sl.No Project ID Arm 7 Projects Action
1 TEMBMA439 Design Of Arm Based Real Time Personnel Monitoring System Using Wi-fi Technology View Details
2 TEMBMA1078 Arm Based Early Detection System For Proactive Management Of Raw Milk Quality View Details
3 TEMBMA208 Design Of Arm Based Embedded System For Industrial Application Using Tcp/ip Network View Details
4 TEMBMA679 Bi-directional Li-fi Communication For Transmitting Data, Audio And Image Information View Details
5 TEMBMA990 Accurate Speed Control Of Electric Car Using Arm View Details
6 TEMBMA1111 Arm Based Smart Energy Meter For Advanced Metering And Billing System View Details
7 TEMBMA1152 Voice Controlled 230v Lamp Dimmer With 10 Levels Of Intensity Control Based On Arm View Details
8 TEMBMA1444 Study On Remote Control System Of Rural Water Treatment Equipment Using Arm View Details

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