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NS2 Research projects
Sl.No Project ID MANET Projects Action
1 TCRENS19_09 A Network Lifetime Extension-aware Cooperative Mac Protocol For Manets With Optimized Power Control View Details
2 TCRENS19_14 State Of The Art Clustering Schemes In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Objectives, Challenges And Future Directions View Details
3 TCRENS19_10 Apd-jfad: Accurate Prevention And Detection Of Jelly Fish Attack In Manet View Details
4 TCRENS19_11 Bp-aodv: Blackhole Protected Aodv Routing Protocol For Manets Based On Chaotic Map View Details
5 TCRENS19_12 Retransmission Dbtma Protocol With Fast Retransmission Strategy To Improve The Performance Of Manets View Details
6 TCRENS19_33 Sensitivity Analysis Of An Attack-pattern Discovery Based Trusted Routing Scheme For Mobile Ad-hoc Networks In Industrial Iot View Details

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