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NS2 Research projects
Sl.No Project ID Wireless Communication Projects Action
1 TCRENS19_04 Research On Underwater Wireless Sensor Network And Mac Protocol And Location Algorithm View Details
2 TCRENS19_08 An Efficient Information Maximization Based Adaptive Congestion Control Scheme In Wireless Sensor Network View Details
3 TCRENS19_01 An Energy Aware Adaptive Kernel Density Estimation Approach To Unequal Clustering In Wireless Sensor Networks View Details
4 TCRENS19_05 Energy-efficient Multilevel Heterogeneous Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks View Details
5 TCRENS19_02 Efficient Fault-tolerant Routing In Iot Wireless Sensor Networks Based On Bipartite-flow Graph Modeling View Details
6 TCRENS19_06 Energy Consumption Analysis Of A Duty Cycle Wireless Sensor Network Model View Details
7 TCRENS19_03 Energy Efficient Scheduling In Wireless Sensor Networks For Periodic Data Gathering View Details
8 TCRENS19_07 Localization Of Energy Harvesting Empowered Underwater Optical Wireless Sensor Networks View Details

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