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Waste management Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBS109 Swatch Bharat Using Gsm View Details
Agriculture & rural developments Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBS04 Smart Irrigation System View Details
2 TEMBS01 Red Sandalwood Protector Using Metal Detector With Gsm. View Details
3 TEMBS02 Public Garden Automatic System View Details
4 TEMBS03 Crop Monitoring Using Gsm View Details
5 TEMBS05 Crop Protection System From Wild Animals View Details
6 TEMBS69 Remote Control Plant Watering System Using 8051 View Details
Earth and Environmental Science Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBS13 Rain Water Harvesting View Details
2 TEMBS14 Navigating Visually Impaired Persons Using Blind Stick View Details
3 TEMBS111 Environmental monitoring using microcontroller View Details
4 TEMBS06 Gsm Based Tsunami Detection And Alert System View Details
5 TEMBS07 Tsunami Warning System Using Wireless Communication View Details
6 TEMBS08 Soldier Health & Position Tracking System View Details
7 TEMBS09 Medicine Box Remainder View Details
8 TEMBS10 Development Of Device For Gesture To Speech Conversion For The Mute Community View Details
9 TEMBS11 Flood Alarm & Disaster Management View Details
10 TEMBS12 Rain Alarm View Details
11 TEMBS15 Motion Based Message Conveyor For Paralytic/disabled People View Details
12 TEMBS16 House With Earth Quake Warning Alarm View Details
13 TEMBS17 Rain Alarm With House View Details
14 TEMBS18 Pollution Monitoring System View Details
15 TEMBS19 Green House Effect View Details
16 TEMBS20 Earthquake Monitoring System. View Details
Physics Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBS37 Clap And Switch On Or Off Your Home Lights View Details
2 TEMBS34 Pizeo Electric Sensor Based Electric Power Generation View Details
3 TEMBS35 Mini Radar System View Details
4 TEMBS36 Electronic Quiz Buzzer. View Details
5 TEMBS38 Periodically On And Off Mosquito Repellent View Details
6 TEMBS39 Ac Motor Speed Control System / Light Dimmer View Details
7 TEMBS40 Distance Measurement System Using Ultrasonic Sensor. View Details
Biology Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBS29 Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System With Water Pump Control Based On Soil Moister Condition View Details
2 TEMBS31 Rain Water Harvesting View Details
3 TEMBS25 Periodically On Off Mosquito Repeller View Details
4 TEMBS26 Atomization Of Agriculture System Using Mobile Phone View Details
5 TEMBS27 Solar Based Electric Fence For Rural Agriculture In Regency Areas View Details
6 TEMBS28 Poor Man’s Hearing Aid View Details
7 TEMBS30 Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System With Auto Tracking View Details
8 TEMBS32 Skin Response Meter View Details
9 TEMBS33 Hazard Less Electronic Mosquito Repeller View Details
Chemistry Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBS21 High Sensitive Alcohol Sensor And Gas Leak With Alert Buzzer View Details
2 TEMBS22 High Sensitive Alcohol Sensor With Auto Car Ignition Disable Function View Details
3 TEMBS23 High Sensitive Lpg Sensor With Gas Leak Alert Buzzer View Details
4 TEMBS24 Drunk And Drive Detector View Details
Transportation Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBS75 Man Less Railway Gate Using Ir Sensor View Details
2 TEMBS76 Accident Prevention System On Hilly Areas View Details
3 TEMBS78 Automatic Highway Light System View Details
4 TEMBS70 Zigbee Enabled Smart Helmet For Automobiles To Reduce Accidents View Details
5 TEMBS71 Vehicle Speed Control In Danger Zones View Details
6 TEMBS72 Rfid Based Toll Gate College System View Details
7 TEMBS73 Accident Detection System Using Gps And Gsm With Automatic Update To Ambulance View Details
8 TEMBS74 Speed Checker To Detect Rash Driving On Highways View Details
9 TEMBS77 Subway System. View Details
10 TEMBS79 Vehicle Tracking System Using Rfid For Theft Avoidance View Details
11 TEMBS80 Automatic Bus Depot System View Details
12 TEMBS81 Drivers Drowsiness Detection View Details
13 TEMBS82 Rfid Based System For School Children Transportation Safety Measure View Details
14 TEMBS83 Zone Identification System View Details
15 TEMBS84 Vehicular Pollution Monitoring System View Details
16 TEMBS85 Smart Helmet System View Details
17 TEMBS86 Accident Detection System Using Gps And Gsm View Details
18 TEMBS87 Driver Less Car(obstacle Avoider Robot) View Details
19 TEMBS88 Car Parking Monitoring System View Details
20 TEMBS89 Engine Locking System Using Gsm Technology View Details
21 TEMBS90 Accident Detection System Using Gsm View Details
22 TEMBS91 Innovative School Bus Information System Using Gsm View Details
23 TEMBS92 Anti Sleep Alarm For Drivers View Details
24 TEMBS93 Gps + Gsm Based Advanced Vehicle Tracking System View Details
25 TEMBS94 Intelligent Railway Station Monitoring And Alert System View Details
26 TEMBS95 Automated Vehicle Identification And Toll-pass System. View Details
27 TEMBS96 Bus And Truck Driving Alert System Using Arduino View Details
28 TEMBS97 Density Based Traffic Controller With Android Overriding Ability View Details
29 TEMBS98 Traffic Signals With Synchronization System View Details
30 TEMBS99 Car Over-speeding Detection  View Details
31 TEMBS100 Iot Asset Tracking System View Details
32 TEMBS101 Car Speed Checker With Lcd Display. View Details
33 TEMBS102 Device Controlling System Using Dtmf View Details
34 TEMBS103 Avoid One More Ap Express Accident. View Details
35 TEMBS104 School Zone Alert With Announcement View Details
36 TEMBS105 Ambulance Detector View Details
37 TEMBS106 Unmanned Level Crossing View Details
38 TEMBS107 Switch On The Lights In Your House Automatically In The Evenings. View Details
39 TEMBS108 Smart Road View Details
Food Technology Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
Clean Water Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
Renewable Energy Swatch bharath
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBS41 Solar Automatic Traffic And Street Light Controller View Details
2 TEMBS42 Solar School View Details
3 TEMBS43 Solar Panel With Sun Position Tracking View Details
4 TEMBS44 Electricity Saving By Solar Energy And Wind Power View Details
5 TEMBS45 Foot Step Power Generation System For Rural Energy Applications. View Details
6 TEMBS46 Solar Car (running Model) View Details
7 TEMBS47 Automatic Hand Wash System View Details
8 TEMBS48 Renewable Energy Monitoring System View Details
9 TEMBS49 Tracking Of Solar Energy Using Light Dependent Resistors View Details
10 TEMBS50 Design And Implementation Of Hybrid Solar Wind Power System View Details
11 TEMBS51 Wind Village Model View Details
12 TEMBS52 Wind Energy Generation For Street Lights Applications View Details
13 TEMBS53 Solar Charger For Traveling View Details
14 TEMBS54 Power Generation From The Road View Details
15 TEMBS55 Solar Powered Automatic Rain Operated Wiper View Details
16 TEMBS56 Energy From Speed Breakers View Details
17 TEMBS57 Electrical Power Generation Using Steam Power Plant View Details
18 TEMBS58 Electricity And Water Pumping System Using Wind Mill View Details
19 TEMBS59 Electrical Power Generation Using Thermal Power Plant View Details
20 TEMBS60 Electrical Power Generation Using Speed Breaker View Details
21 TEMBS61 Electrical Power Generation Using Foot Steps View Details
22 TEMBS62 Electrical Power Generation Using Railway Track View Details
23 TEMBS63 Solar Fencing View Details
24 TEMBS64 Solar Wind Hybrid System View Details
25 TEMBS65 Solar Based E-uniform View Details
26 TEMBS66 Mini Solar Based Inverter. View Details
27 TEMBS67 Solar Highway Lighting System With Auto Turn Off On Day Time View Details
28 TEMBS68 Solar Fence To Protect Agriculture Field From Wild Animals View Details
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