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Earth and Environmental Science Swasth bharath
Sl.No Project Code
1 TEMBS09 Rain Water Harvesting View Details
2 TEMBS53 co2 monitoring using gas sensor View Details
3 TEMBS54 Environmental monitoring using microcontroller View Details
4 TEMBS08 Navigating Visually Impaired Persons Using Blind Stick View Details
5 TEMBS06 House With Earth Quake Warning Alarm View Details
6 TEMBS07 Motion Based Message Conveyor For Paralytic/disabled People View Details
7 TEMBS10 Rain Alarm View Details
8 TEMBS11 Flood Alarm & Disaster Management View Details
9 TEMBS12 Development Of Device For Gesture To Speech Conversion For The Mute Community View Details
10 TEMBS13 Medicine Box Remainder View Details
11 TEMBS14 Soldier Health & Position Tracking System View Details
12 TEMBS15 Tsunami Warning System Using Wireless Communication View Details
13 TEMBS16 Gsm Based Tsunami Detection And Alert System View Details
14 TEMBS17 Rain Alarm With House View Details
15 TEMBS18 Pollution Monitoring System View Details
16 TEMBS19 Green House Effect View Details
17 TEMBS20 Earthquake Monitoring System. View Details
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