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IOT Make in India
Sl.No Project Code
1 TEMBS21 Iot Based Smart Roads Intelligent Highways With Warning Messages And Diversions According To Climate Conditions. View Details
2 TEMBS22 Iot Based Home Automation. View Details
3 TEMBS23 Iot Based Home Security. View Details
4 TEMBS24 Iot Based Environment Monitoring. View Details
5 TEMBS25 Iot Based Health Care Monitoring. View Details
6 TEMBS26 Iot Home Security With Web Cam. View Details
7 TEMBS27 Iot Based Smart Robot Using Wifi Module. View Details
8 TEMBS28 Vehicle Security System Using Iot. View Details
9 TEMBS29 Smart Irrigation System Using Iot. View Details
10 TEMBS30 Transform Status Monitoring System Using Iot. View Details
11 TEMBS31 Touch Screen Based Home Automation Using Iot. View Details
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