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Image Processing Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Image Segmentation Projects Action
1 TMMAIP48 A Proposed Template Image Matching Algorithm For Face Recognition View Details
2 TMMAIP57 Algorithm of Weed Detection in Crops by Computational Vision View Details
3 TMMAIP30 Sweet Citrus Fruit Detection In Thermal Images Using Fuzzy Image Processing View Details
4 TMMAIP58 A Static Hand Gesture and Face Recognition System For Blind People View Details
5 TMMAIP46 An Aerial Image Segmentation Approach Based On Enhanced Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Network View Details
6 TMMAIP55 Image based Plant Disease Detection in Pomegranate Plant for Bacterial Blight View Details
7 TMMAIP02 Using Multilayer Walker For Image Segmentation View Details
8 TMMAIP42 Deep Convolutional Encoder-decoders With Aggregated Multi-resolution Skip Connections For Skin Lesion Segmentation View Details
9 TMMAIP47 A Survey Of Object Co Segmentation View Details
10 TMMAIP56 Design of wavelet filter for edge detection of medical MRI images View Details
11 TMMAIP04 Segmentation Of Optic Disc From Fundus Images View Details
12 TMMAIP44 Application Of Template Matching For Optical Character Recognition View Details
13 TMMAIP45 Analysis And Experimental Research Of Modifications Of The Image Segmentation Method Using Graph Theory View Details
14 TMMAIP50 A Hierarchical Image Matting Model For Blood Vessel Segmentation In Fundus Images View Details
15 TMMAIP37 Automatic Image Segmentation With Superpixels And Image-level Labels View Details
16 TMMAIP59 A Multi-Stage Framework With Context Information Fusion Structure For Skin Lesion Segmentation View Details

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