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Image Processing Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Image Segmentation Projects Action
1 TMMAIP48 A Proposed Template Image Matching Algorithm For Face Recognition View Details
2 TMMAIP57 Algorithm of Weed Detection in Crops by Computational Vision View Details
3 TMMAIP30 Sweet Citrus Fruit Detection In Thermal Images Using Fuzzy Image Processing View Details
4 TMMAIP58 A Static Hand Gesture and Face Recognition System For Blind People View Details
5 TMMAIP46 An Aerial Image Segmentation Approach Based On Enhanced Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Network View Details
6 TMMAIP55 Image based Plant Disease Detection in Pomegranate Plant for Bacterial Blight View Details
7 TMMAIP04 Segmentation Of Optic Disc From Fundus Images View Details
8 TMMAIP44 Application Of Template Matching For Optical Character Recognition View Details
9 TMMAIP45 Analysis And Experimental Research Of Modifications Of The Image Segmentation Method Using Graph Theory View Details
10 TMMAIP50 A Hierarchical Image Matting Model For Blood Vessel Segmentation In Fundus Images View Details
11 TMMAIP37 Automatic Image Segmentation With Superpixels And Image-level Labels View Details
12 TMMAIP59 A Multi-Stage Framework With Context Information Fusion Structure For Skin Lesion Segmentation View Details
13 TMMAIP02 Using Multilayer Walker For Image Segmentation View Details
14 TMMAIP42 Deep Convolutional Encoder-decoders With Aggregated Multi-resolution Skip Connections For Skin Lesion Segmentation View Details
15 TMMAIP47 A Survey Of Object Co Segmentation View Details
16 TMMAIP56 Design of wavelet filter for edge detection of medical MRI images View Details

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