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Artificial Intelligence Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Artificial Neural Network Projects Action
1 TMMAAI26 A Hybrid Feature Extraction Method With Regularized Extreme Learning Machine For Brain Tumor Classification View Details
2 TMMAAI48 Detection of Quality in Orange Fruit Image using SVM Classifier View Details
3 TMMAAI40 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Feature Selection for Face Recognition View Details
4 TMMAAI24 A Comprehensive Study Of The Effect Of Spatial Resolution And Color Of Digital Images On Vehicle Classification View Details
5 TMMAAI25 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Support Vector Machine (p-svm) For The Segmentation And Classification Of Plants View Details
6 TMMAAI37 Early Detection of Kidney Disease Using ECG Signals Through Machine Learning Based Modelling View Details
7 TMMAAI42 Real-time Pattern Recognition for Hand Gesture Based on ANN and Surface EMG View Details
8 TMMAAI22 An Experimental Study With Imbalanced Classification Approaches For Credit Card Fraud Detection View Details
9 TMMAAI38 Improvement of Video Human Activity Reorganization by using ANN Approach View Details
10 TMMAAI23 A Unified Matrix-based Convolutional Neural Network For Fine-grained Image Classification Of Wheat Leaf Diseases View Details
11 TMMAAI33 Tomato Classification According To Organoleptic Maturity (coloration) Using Machine Learning Algorithms K-NN, MLP, And K-means Clustering View Details
12 TMMAAI03 Brain Tumors Classification From Mr Images Using A Neural Network And The Central Moments View Details
13 TMMAAI36 Design of a Bio signal Based Stress Detection System Using Machine Learning Techniques View Details
14 TMMAAI41 Facial Expression Recognition Based on Multi-Feature Fusion and HOSVD View Details
15 TMMAAI19 Underwater Image Processing Using Hybrid Techniques View Details

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