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Controller Based Research Projects
Sl.No Project Code Raspberry pi Projects Action
1 TEMBRE19_05 Adjustment Of Bed For A Patient Through Gesture Recognition: An Image Processing Approach View Details
2 TEMBRE19_152 Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification Using Image Processing Technique View Details
3 TEMBRE19_278 Smart Mirror Based On Raspberry Pi View Details
4 TEMBRE19_445 Onboard Entertainment Services Using Raspberry Pi With Recommendation Engine View Details
5 TEMBRE19_492 Implementation Of Machine Learning For Gender Detection Using Cnn On Raspberry Pi Platform View Details
6 TEMBRE19_578 A Mobile-sensor-cloud Based System To Safeguard Pilgrims Through Smart Environment With Raspberry Pi View Details
7 TEMBRE19_672 Sensepods: A Zigbee-based Tangible Smart Home Interface With Raspberry Pi View Details
8 TEMBRE19_747 Wireless Operated War Field Land Rover That Alerts On Sensing Planted Land Mines Using Raspberry Pi View Details
9 TEMBRE19_794 Real-time Monitoring Of Bone Fracture Recovery By Using Aware, Sensing, Smart And Active Orthopedic Devices With Raspberry Pi View Details
10 TEMBRE19_866 Rfid Based Secure Smart School Bus System Using Raspberry Pi View Details
11 TEMBRE19_10 Towards A Novel Approach For Designing Smart Classrooms View Details
12 TEMBRE19_255 Real Time Ethernet Control Communication For Robotic Arm Application By Using Raspberry Pi View Details
13 TEMBRE19_290 An Automatic Rfid Detection Based Railway Identification System View Details
14 TEMBRE19_451 High Protection Voice Identification Based Bank Locker Security System With Live Image Authentication View Details
15 TEMBRE19_496 System Of Detection And Scanning Bar Codes From Raspberry Pi Web Camera View Details
16 TEMBRE19_592 Smart Ration Card System Using Rfid With Raspberry Pi View Details
17 TEMBRE19_696 Embedded System For Motion Control Of An Omni-directional Mobile Robot Using Raspberry Pi View Details
18 TEMBRE19_759 Wireless Communication Technologies For Smart Grid (wams) Deployment With Raspberry Pi View Details
19 TEMBRE19_830 Modeling Human-Likeness in Approaching Motions of Dual-Arm Autonomous Robots View Details
20 TEMBRE19_886 AI based fire detection and control system View Details
21 TEMBRE19_267 Continuous Arm Gesture Recognition Based On Natural Features And Logistic Regression. View Details
22 TEMBRE19_373 Design Of The Intelligent Control System Of Classroom Based On Raspberry Pi View Details
23 TEMBRE19_457 Raspberry Pi As A Video Server View Details
24 TEMBRE19_506 Raspberry Pi Based Vehicle Starter On Face Detection View Details
25 TEMBRE19_627 Automatic Car Ignition Locking Using Raspberry Pi View Details
26 TEMBRE19_713 A Conveyor-belt Based Pick-and-sort Industrial Robotics Application With Raspberry Pi View Details
27 TEMBRE19_760 Body And Fall Detection System With Heart Rate Monitoring With Raspberry Pi View Details
29 TEMBRE19_01 Detection Of Calcium Carbide Based Ripeness In Mango Fruit View Details
30 TEMBRE19_133 Real-time Eye Tracking For Password Authentication View Details
31 TEMBRE19_273 Driver And Passenger Identification From Smartphone Data View Details
32 TEMBRE19_409 Prototyping Of Class-attendance System Using Mifare 1k Smart Card And Raspberry Pi 3 View Details
33 TEMBRE19_467 Voice Assisted Text Reading System For Visually Impaired Persons Using Tts Method View Details
34 TEMBRE19_531 Fast Access For Zigbee-enabled Iot Devices Using Raspberry Pi View Details
35 TEMBRE19_653 Raspberry Pi Based Road Side Detection And Tracking View Details
36 TEMBRE19_742 Passenger Localization For In-vehicle Personalization Using Ble Beacons Using Raspberry Pi View Details
37 TEMBRE19_779 Edge Computing-based Intelligent Manhole Cover Management System For Smart Cities Using Raspberry Pi View Details
38 TEMBRE19_860 Iot Based Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi View Details
39 TEMBRE19_23 Rice Donation System In Orphanage Based On Internet Of Things, Raspberry-pi, And Block Chain View Details
40 TEMBRE19_53 An Intelligent Dress Uniform Identification System View Details
41 TEMBRE19_93 Monitoring Corrosion Process Of Reinforced Concrete Structure Using Fbg Strain Sensor View Details
42 TEMBRE19_110 Developing Fish Feeder System Using Raspberry Pi View Details
43 TEMBRE19_227 A Raspberry Pi Controlled Antenna System For Switchable Tilted-twin Beams View Details
44 TEMBRE19_391 Fingerprint And Iris Biometric Controlled Smart Banking Machine Embedded With Gsm Technology For Otp View Details
45 TEMBRE19_397 The Methodology Review Of Traffic Safety Monitoring By Using Video Recording For Express Bus View Details
46 TEMBRE19_512 Secure Fingerprint Bank Locker With Image Capture View Details
47 TEMBRE19_523 Android Controlled Wildlife Observation Robot View Details
48 TEMBRE19_570 Novel Ibeacon Placement For Indoor Positioning In Iot View Details
49 TEMBRE19_585 On Access Control In Cabin-based Transport Systems Using Raspberry Pi View Details
50 TEMBRE19_600 Lane Change Detection Algorithm On Real World Driving For Arbitrary Road Infrastructures Using Raspberry Pi View Details
51 TEMBRE19_614 A Smartphone-based System For Improving Pedestrian Safety Using Raspberry Pi View Details
52 TEMBRE19_677 Analysis Of Three Iot-based Wireless Sensors For Environmental Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi View Details
53 TEMBRE19_708 Raspberry Pi Base System Architecture For Tracking Passengers Inside An Airport Terminal Using Rfid View Details
54 TEMBRE19_740 The Establishment Of An Integrated Automation Production Line With Multiple Monitoring And Control Loops Using Raspberry Pi View Details
55 TEMBRE19_796 Raspberry Pi Bsed Bi-directional Li-fi Communication For Transmitting Data, Audio And Image Information View Details
56 TEMBRE19_807 Statistical Analysis Of Co2 Emission Based On Road Grade, Acceleration And Vehicle Specific Power For Public Utility Vehicles: An Iot Application Using Raspberry Pi View Details
57 TEMBRE19_808 Development Of Reverse Vending Machine (rvm) Framework For Implementation To A Standard Recycle Bin Using Raspberry Pi View Details
58 TEMBRE19_815 An Iot Based Multi-parameter Data Acquisition System For Efficient Bio-tele Monitoring Of Pregnant Women At Home With Raspberry Pi View Details

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