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Minor Projects
Sl.No Project  Code
1 TEMBMI13 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement View Details
2 TEMBMI17 Car Speed Checker With LCD Display View Details
3 TEMBMI24 Temperature Control System View Details
4 TEMBMI29 Street Light Automatic Intensity Controller View Details
5 TEMBMI36 Ultrasonic Object Detection System View Details
6 TEMBMI41 Auto Water Pump Switcher View Details
7 TEMBMI49 TV Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle Project View Details
8 TEMBMI58 Driver Anti Sleep Device View Details
9 TEMBMI67 Displaying Moving Message On Notice Board Using PC View Details
10 TEMBMI75 Home And Industrial Safety Using Fire And Gas Detection System View Details
11 TEMBMI86 Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle View Details
12 TEMBMI109 PIC Based Density Based Traffic Signal System View Details
13 TEMBMI115 Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System View Details
14 TEMBMI127 Earth Quake Alert System Using GSM View Details
15 TEMBMI131 Industrial Advanced Temperature monitoring and Control System View Details
16 TEMBMI135 Automatic Rain Operated Wiper System View Details
17 TEMBMI139 Vehicle Over Speed Detection View Details
18 TEMBMI143 Electronic Notice Board Using Bluetooth View Details
19 TEMBMI147 Bi-directional Visitor Counter View Details
20 TEMBMI151 Weather Monitoring System View Details
21 TEMBMI155 Anti-Theft Alerting System For Two Wheeler's View Details
22 TEMBMI159 Mobile Robot for Rescue Competitions(fire fighting robot) View Details
23 TEMBMI163 Liquid level monitor using GSM View Details
24 TEMBMI167 RFID Based Blind Stick View Details
25 TEMBMI175 RFID based secure smart school bus system View Details
26 TEMBMI179 Motion Based Door Opener With Metal Detector View Details
27 TEMBMI184 Prototype implementation of BLE based automated data collection scheme in agriculture management system View Details
28 TEMBMI197 Accident prevention system View Details
30 TEMBMI14 Arduino Based Line Follower Robot View Details
31 TEMBMI20 Vehicle Smoke Detecting and Speed Sensing System View Details
32 TEMBMI37 Electrical load controlled by PC View Details
33 TEMBMI46 Fire Detection and Alarm Project View Details
34 TEMBMI51 Solar Battery Charging With Reverse Current Protection View Details
35 TEMBMI59 Geo Location Guide Using RF View Details
36 TEMBMI68 Auto Electronic School Bell View Details
37 TEMBMI79 Motion Based Auto Door Opener View Details
38 TEMBMI94 Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator View Details
39 TEMBMI111 Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle View Details
40 TEMBMI116 Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle View Details
41 TEMBMI128 Cell phone-Based Remote Controller for Water Pump View Details
42 TEMBMI132 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Speed Control of a DC Motor View Details
43 TEMBMI136 Garbage Monitoring Using GSM View Details
44 TEMBMI140 Water Level Indicator Using GSM View Details
45 TEMBMI144 Smart Helmet With Alcohol Detection View Details
46 TEMBMI148 Voice Controlled Home Automation View Details
47 TEMBMI152 DTMF Based Irrigation Control View Details
48 TEMBMI156 Rash Driving Speed Checkers On Highways Using Micro Controller View Details
49 TEMBMI160 Detection of Pedestrian Crossing for Safe Driving View Details
50 TEMBMI164 Home Security System Using Arduino View Details
51 TEMBMI169 Paralysis Patient Monitoring View Details
52 TEMBMI176 Wind Solar complementary power inverter based on microcontroller View Details
53 TEMBMI180 SMS voting system project View Details
54 TEMBMI185 Air Quality Monitoring using IOT View Details
55 TEMBMI194 Dual PH Level Monitoring and Control Using IOT Application View Details
56 TEMBMI198 Women Safety Device Using GPS View Details
57 TEMBMI202 Laser Bank Security System View Details
58 TEMBMI01 Laser Based Bank Security View Details
59 TEMBMI15 Efficient Power Manager Project View Details
60 TEMBMI22 Password Enabled Industrial Devices Switching by Using Speech Recognition View Details
61 TEMBMI34 Automated Night Lightening System View Details
62 TEMBMI47 Automated Smoking Zone Monitoring & Alerting Project View Details
63 TEMBMI54 Short Circuit Indicator Project View Details
64 TEMBMI61 Clap Based Fan Switching System View Details
65 TEMBMI69 IR Based Obstacle Detection Project View Details
66 TEMBMI81 Automated Visitor Counter With 7 Segment Display View Details
67 TEMBMI102 Automatic Street Light which Works Based on the Vehicle Movement View Details
68 TEMBMI113 RFID Based Passport Details View Details
69 TEMBMI129 Accident Detection System Using GSM and GPS View Details
70 TEMBMI133 Earthquakes and Tsunami Alert Through GSM View Details
71 TEMBMI137 RFID Based Attendance System View Details
72 TEMBMI141 Metal Detecting Robot View Details
73 TEMBMI145 RFID Based Shopping System View Details
74 TEMBMI149 Driver Drowsiness Alert System View Details
75 TEMBMI153 Highway Lightening System Using IR Sensors View Details
76 TEMBMI157 RFID Based Water Dispenser View Details
77 TEMBMI161 Bridge Safety Monitoring System View Details
78 TEMBMI165 Solar Powered Agri robot for Irrigation and Farm Monitoring View Details
79 TEMBMI170 Dual axis solar tracking system View Details
80 TEMBMI177 Finger Print Based Exam Hall Authentication View Details
81 TEMBMI182 RFID based pesticides dosing with automatic plant irrigation for agriculture applications View Details
82 TEMBMI186 GSM Based Water Pump Control System View Details
83 TEMBMI199 DTMF based load control View Details
84 TEMBMI203 Wireless Doorbell Calling System View Details
85 TEMBMI12 Automatic Smoke Detector Alarm View Details
86 TEMBMI16 Microcontroller Based 4 Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control View Details
87 TEMBMI28 Stress Meter View Details
88 TEMBMI35 Microcontroller Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System View Details
89 TEMBMI40 DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Opener View Details
90 TEMBMI48 Remote Vehicle Control Through Cell Phone Using DTMF View Details
91 TEMBMI56 Mini Audio Amplifier Project View Details
92 TEMBMI65 Plant Moisture Monitoring System View Details
93 TEMBMI72 Configurable Password Security System View Details
94 TEMBMI83 Electronic Water Level Controller Device View Details
95 TEMBMI107 Anti-Bag-Snatching Alarm View Details
96 TEMBMI114 Microcontroller (AT89C51) Based Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations View Details
97 TEMBMI130 IR Home Automation View Details
98 TEMBMI134 Password Based Door Lock Control System View Details
99 TEMBMI138 Density Based Traffic Light Control System View Details
100 TEMBMI142 Railway Track Fault Detection View Details
101 TEMBMI146 DTMF Based Home Automation View Details
102 TEMBMI150 Green House Monitoring System View Details
103 TEMBMI154 Gas & Fire Alerting System View Details
104 TEMBMI158 Rfid Based Animal Tracking System View Details
105 TEMBMI162 Lightweight RFID Protocol for Medical Privacy Protection View Details
106 TEMBMI166 Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture Content View Details
107 TEMBMI174 An early detection system for proactive management of raw milk quality View Details
108 TEMBMI178 Android Controlled Wildlife Observation Robot View Details
109 TEMBMI183 Heartbeat monitoring and voice based alerting system for high and low heart rate View Details
110 TEMBMI187 Intelligent fire detector with automatic water sprinkler system to avoid fire accidents View Details
111 TEMBMI196 Tsunami Warning System Using Wireless Communication View Details
112 TEMBMI200 Temperature based fan speed control View Details
113 TEMBMI188 Voice Controlled Robot View Details
114 TEMBMI25 Solar Energy Measurement Using Micro Controller View Details
115 TEMBMI117 RF Based Home Automation System View Details
116 TEMBMI195 Smart Lighting System Using PIR View Details
117 TEMBMI02 Password Based Circuit Breaker View Details
118 TEMBMI23 Ultrasonic Radar View Details
119 TEMBMI04 Load Control System Using DTMF View Details
120 TEMBMI192 Home Automation Using Google Voice Assistance View Details
121 TEMBMI05 Human Speed Detection Project View Details
122 TEMBMI33 Quiz Buzzer View Details
123 TEMBMI189 Smart Traffic Light Control System View Details
124 TEMBMI07 Electricity Generation from Speed Breakers View Details
125 TEMBMI26 Smoke detecting Alarm View Details
126 TEMBMI39 Remote Control Plant Watering System Using 8051 View Details
127 TEMBMI190 Home Automation Using Access Keys View Details
128 TEMBMI191 Bluetooth Controlled Robot View Details
129 TEMBMI120 Fastest Finger Press Quiz Buzzer View Details
130 TEMBMI11 E Bicycle Locking System View Details
131 TEMBMI19 Load Shedding Time Management With Programmable Interface View Details
132 TEMBMI21 Wireless Sensor Based Auto Control of Water Level Checking View Details
133 TEMBMI27 Overload Protection of Transformer View Details
134 TEMBMI30 Electronic Watch Dog Project View Details
135 TEMBMI31 Weekly Task Alerting System View Details
136 TEMBMI32 Solar Panel With Sun Position Tracking View Details
137 TEMBMI38 Automatic Road Reflector Light View Details
138 TEMBMI42 Peizo Based Visitor Sensing Welcome Mat View Details
139 TEMBMI43 BLDC motor speed control using arduino View Details
140 TEMBMI44 Power Efficient Mini Inverter View Details
141 TEMBMI45 RPM Display For BLDC Motor With Speed Controller View Details
142 TEMBMI50 Smart Portable Cell Phone Jammer Project View Details
143 TEMBMI52 Auto Lap Time Measurement System View Details
144 TEMBMI60 12 Volt Battery Charging System View Details
145 TEMBMI63 Synchronously Blinking Emergency Light View Details
146 TEMBMI64 Sound Operated Timer Project View Details
147 TEMBMI66 Wireless Cell Phone Detection System View Details
148 TEMBMI70 Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System View Details
149 TEMBMI71 Testing Life Cycle Of Electrical Loads Using Down Counter View Details
150 TEMBMI74 Over Voltage And Under Voltage Protection System View Details
151 TEMBMI76 Power Supply With Auto Switching View Details
152 TEMBMI77 Vehicle tracking By GPS – GSM View Details
153 TEMBMI78 Wireless Mobile Charging Project View Details
154 TEMBMI80 Zero Contact TachoMeter (SpeedOMeter) View Details
155 TEMBMI82 Fast Voting Game Project View Details
156 TEMBMI84 Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights View Details
157 TEMBMI85 Designing of DC Motor Speed Control Unit View Details
158 TEMBMI87 Auto Power Supply Control System from 4 Different Sources (Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter) to Ensure No Break Power View Details
159 TEMBMI88 Night Vision Wireless War Field Spying Robot View Details
160 TEMBMI89 GSM protocol Integrated Energy Management System View Details
161 TEMBMI90 Thyristor Power Control by IR Remote View Details
162 TEMBMI91 Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker View Details
163 TEMBMI92 Garage Door Opening System Controlled By DTMF Cell Phone View Details
164 TEMBMI93 Design of Sensing Soil Moisture Content By Auto Irrigation System View Details
165 TEMBMI96 Precise Digital Temperature Control View Details
166 TEMBMI97 PC Based Electrical Load Control View Details
167 TEMBMI99 TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control View Details
168 TEMBMI100 Energy Meter Reading with Load Control Using GSM View Details
169 TEMBMI101 Speed Control with RPM Display for BLDC Motor View Details
170 TEMBMI103 Auto Intensity Controlled Solar LED Street Light View Details
171 TEMBMI104 Movement Sensed Automatic Door Opening System View Details
172 TEMBMI105 Bidirectional Photoelectric System View Details
173 TEMBMI106 Battery-powered Night Lamp View Details
174 TEMBMI108 Digital Remote Thermometer View Details
175 TEMBMI110 PIC Microcontroller Based Device Control and Authentication By Using RFID View Details
176 TEMBMI112 Beacon Flasher Using Microcontroller View Details
177 TEMBMI118 Touch Screen Based Home Automation System View Details
178 TEMBMI119 Pre Stampede Monitoring and Alarm System View Details
179 TEMBMI121 Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor View Details
180 TEMBMI122 Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote View Details
181 TEMBMI123 Thermistor Based Temperature Control View Details
182 TEMBMI124 Tripping Mechanism of Over Voltage or Under Voltage Systems View Details
183 TEMBMI125 Precise Illumination Control of Lamp View Details
184 TEMBMI181 Smart charger monitoring system View Details

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