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Domain Based Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Bio Medical Projects Action
1 TEMBMA404 Ob City – Definition Of A Family-based Intervention For Childhood Obesity Supported By Information And Communication Technologies View Details
2 TEMBMA09 Adjustment Of Bed For A Patient Through Gesture Recognition: An Image Processing Approach View Details
3 TEMBMA416 Non-invasive Flexible And Stretchable Wearable Sensors With Nano Based Enhancement For Chronic Disease Care View Details
4 TEMBMA1013 Human-cloud Integration In Next Generation Healthcare Systems For Wearable Devices View Details
5 TEMBMA1836 Heartbeat Monitoring and Voice Based Alerting System for High and Low Heart Rate View Details
6 TEMBMA1640 Novel Wearable Sensor Device For Continuous Monitoring Of Cardiac Activity During Sleep View Details
7 TEMBMA1852 A Survey on the Roles of Communication Technologies in IoT-based Personalized Healthcare applications View Details
8 TEMBMA90 Pillsense: Designing A Medication Adherence Monitoring System Using Pill Bottle-mounted Wireless Sensors View Details
9 TEMBMA621 An Iot Based Multi-parameter Data Acquisition System For Efficient Bio-tele Monitoring Of Pregnant Women At Home View Details
10 TEMBMA1646 A Wireless IOT System Towards Gait Detection in Stroke Patients View Details
11 TEMBMA1870 Advanced IOT Based Combined Remote Health Monitoring, Home Automation and Alarm System View Details
12 TEMBMA846 Lightweight Rfid Protocol For Medical Privacy Protection In Iot View Details
13 TEMBMA1768 Medicine Reminder and Monitoring System for Secure Health using IOT View Details
15 TEMBMA66 An Intelligent Mobile Agents System For Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Monitoring View Details
16 TEMBMA583 Body And Fall Detection System With Heart Rate Monitoring View Details
17 TEMBMA177 Deep Into The Brain: Artificial Intelligence In Stroke Imaging View Details
18 TEMBMA1025 Real-time Monitoring Of Bone Fracture Recovery By Using Aware, Sensing, Smart And Active Orthopedic Devices View Details
19 TEMBMA1891 Adjustment Of Bed For A Patient Through Gesture Recognition: An Image Processing Approach View Details

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