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Power systems Research projects
Sl.No Project Code Microgrids Projects Action
1 TEREPS19_53 Improved Mode-adaptive Droop Control Strategy For The Dc Microgrid View Details
2 TEREPS19_86 Investigation And Assessment Of Stabilization Solutions For Dc Microgrid With Dynamic Loads View Details
3 TEREPS19_97 A Robust Adaptive PI Voltage Controller to Eliminate Impact of Disturbances and Distorted Model Parameters for 3-Phase CVCF Inverters View Details
4 TEREPS19_101 Robust and Fast Voltage-Source-Converter (VSC) Control for Naval Shipboard Microgrids View Details
5 TEREPS19_80 A Modified Q??v Droop Control For Accurate Reactive Power Sharing In Distributed Generation Microgrid View Details
6 TEREPS19_87 Hybrid Dc/ac Zonal Microgrid Enabled By Solid–state Transformer And Centralized Esd Integration View Details
7 TEREPS19_98 Battery Energy Storage System Control for Mitigating PV Penetration Impact on Primary Frequency Control and State-of-Charge Recovery View Details
8 TEREPS19_103 A control approach with seamless transition capability for a single-phase inverter operating in a microgrid View Details
9 TEREPS19_26 Development Of Wind And Solar Based Ac Microgrid With Power Quality Improvement For Local Nonlinear Load Using Mlms View Details
10 TEREPS19_83 Distributed Power Management For Networked Ac/dc Microgrids With Unbalanced Microgrids View Details
11 TEREPS19_88 Three-step Switching Frequency Selection Criteria For Symmetrical Cllc-type Dc Transformer In Hybrid Ac/dc Microgrid View Details
12 TEREPS19_99 Decentralized Droop Control in DC Microgrids Based on a Frequency Injection Approach View Details
13 TEREPS19_47 Fault Current Hierarchical Limitation Strategy For Fault Ride-through Scheme Of Microgrid View Details
14 TEREPS19_85 Finite-gain Repetitive Controller For Harmonic Sharing Improvement In A Vsm Microgrid View Details
15 TEREPS19_89 Analysis Of Dynamic Frequency Performance Among Voltage – Controlled Inverters Considering Virtual Inertia Interaction In Microgrid View Details
16 TEREPS19_100 Development and validation of a generalized modeling approach for islanded inverter-based microgrids with static and dynamic loads View Details

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