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power electronics Research projects
Sl.No Project Code DC - AC converters Projects Action
1 TEREPE19_03 Direct Power Control Of Pwm Rectifier With Feed Forward Compensation Of Dc-bus Voltage Ripple Under Unbalanced Grid Conditions View Details
2 TEREPE19_07 An Overview Of Assessment Methods For Synchronization Stability Of Grid-connected Converters Under Severe Symmetrical Grid Faults View Details
3 TEREPE19_12 Advanced Control Strategies For Convertible Static Transmission Controller Enabled Dual Active Power Filters And Pv-power Integration View Details
4 TEREPE19_16 Hybrid Dc/ac Zonal Microgrid Enabled By Solid–state Transformer And Centralized Esd Integration View Details
5 TEREPE19_21 Three-step Switching Frequency Selection Criteria For Symmetrical Cllc-type Dc Transformer In Hybrid Ac/dc Microgrid View Details
6 TEREPE19_04 Distributed Power Management For Networked Ac/dc Microgrids With Unbalanced Microgrids View Details
7 TEREPE19_08 A New Hill Climbing Maximum Power Tracking Control For Wind Turbines With Inertial Effect Compensation View Details
8 TEREPE19_13 An Improved Current Control Strategy Based On Particle Swarm Optimization (pso) And Steady State Error Correction For Sapf View Details
9 TEREPE19_18 Performance Investigation Of Multifunctional On-grid Hybrid Wind-pv System With Oasc And Maf Based Control View Details
10 TEREPE19_22 Torque Distributed Control Strategy For The Dual Three- Phase Pmsm In Hybrid Energy Storage System Application View Details
11 TEREPE19_05 Llmlf Based Control Approach And Lpo Mppt Technique For Improving Performance Of A Multifunctional Three-phase Two-stage Grid Integrated Pv System View Details
12 TEREPE19_09 A Novel Virtual Resistor And Capacitor Droop Control For Hess In Medium Voltage Dc System View Details
13 TEREPE19_14 Control Strategy For Five Phase Dual Stator Winding Induction Starter/generator Systems View Details
14 TEREPE19_19 Predictive Control With Discrete Space-vector Modulation Of Vienna Rectifier For Driving Pmsg Of Wind Turbine Systems View Details
15 TEREPE19_23 Torque Ripple Suppression For Open-end Winding Permanent-magnet Synchronous Machine Drives With Predictive Current Control View Details
16 TEREPE19_01 A Simple Autonomous Phase-shifting Pwm Approach For Series Connected Multi-converter Harmonic Mitigation View Details
17 TEREPE19_06 An Improved Llc Resonant Converter With Reconfigurable Hybrid Voltage Multiplier And Pwm Plus- Pfm Hybrid Control For Wide Output Range Applications View Details
18 TEREPE19_11 A Single Input Variable Flc For Dfig Based Wpgs In Standalone Mode View Details
19 TEREPE19_15 Fault Ride-through Strategy For Two-stage Gpv System Enabling Load Compensation Capabilities Using Ekf Algorithm View Details
20 TEREPE19_20 Stability Analysis And Robust Damping Of Multi-resonances In Distributed Generation Based Islanded Microgrids View Details

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