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Power systems Major projects
Sl.No Project Code Solar power generation Projects Action
1 TEMAPS01 Grid Interactive Solar Pv Based Water Pumping Using Bldc Motor Drive View Details
2 TEMAPS11 Different Influence Of Grid Impedance On Low- And High- Frequency Stability Of Pv Generators View Details
3 TEMAPS70 Improved Mppt Method To Increase Accuracy And Speed In Photovoltaic Systems Under Variable Atmospheric Conditions View Details
4 TEMAPS02 Grid-connected Wind-photovoltaic Cogeneration Using Back-to-back Voltage Source Converters View Details
5 TEMAPS38 A Simplified Phase-shift Pwm-based Feedforward Distributed Mppt Method For Grid-connected Cascaded Pv Inverters View Details
6 TEMAPS49 A Lyapunov Function Based Model Predictive Control For Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Converters View Details
7 TEMAPS53 Comprehensive Controller Implementation For Wind-pv-diesel Based Standalone Microgrid View Details
8 TEMAPS65 High Gain Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter With Ripple Free Input Current For Solar Powered Water Pumping System Utilizing Cost-effective Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique View Details
9 TEMAPS71 Sliding Mode Control Of An Active Power Filter With Photovoltaic Maximum Power Tracking View Details
10 TEMAPS140 A transformerless topology for a micro inverter with elevation factor of 1:10 for photovoltaic applications View Details
11 TEMAPS146 ANFIS-MPPT control algorithm for a PEMFC system used in electric vehicle applications View Details
12 TEMAPS155 Enhanced control strategies for a hybrid battery/photovoltaic system using FGS-PID in grid-connected mode View Details
13 TEMAPS05 Lmmn Based Adaptive Control For Power Quality Improvement Of Grid Intertie Wind-pv System View Details
14 TEMAPS15 Advanced Control Strategies For Convertible Static Transmission Controller Enabled Dual Active Power Filters And Pv-power Integration View Details
15 TEMAPS23 Development Of Wind And Solar Based Ac Microgrid With Power Quality Improvement For Local Nonlinear Load Using Mlms View Details
16 TEMAPS32 Performance Investigation Of Multifunctional On-grid Hybrid Wind-pv System With Oasc And Maf Based Control View Details
17 TEMAPS39 Design Of An Optimal Fuzzy Controller To Obtain Maximum Power In Solar Power Generation System View Details
18 TEMAPS43 A Novel Approach For Pv System Based On Metaheuristic Algorithm Connected To The Grid Using Fs-mpc Controller View Details
19 TEMAPS50 A Novel Low Voltage Ride Through Control Method For Current Source Grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverters View Details
20 TEMAPS57 Coordination Control Strategy For Battery-ultracapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System In Microgrids With Unbalanced And Nonlinear Loads View Details
21 TEMAPS66 Effective Grid Connected Power Injection Scheme Using Multilevel Inverter Based Hybrid Wind Solar Energy Conversion System View Details
22 TEMAPS136 A control approach with seamless transition capability for a single-phase inverter operating in a microgrid View Details
23 TEMAPS141 Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Command-Filtered Backstepping Control for Islanded PV Microgrid with Energy Storage System View Details
24 TEMAPS147 Diagnosis and mitigation of voltage and current sensors malfunctioning in a grid connected PV system View Details
25 TEMAPS157 An Adaptive Variable Leaky Least Mean Square Control Scheme for Grid Integration of a PV System View Details
26 TEMAPS09 Mitigation Of Inter Harmonics In Pv Systems With Maximum Power Point Tracking Modification View Details
27 TEMAPS17 Pnklmf Based Neural Network Control And Learning Based Hc Mppt Technique For Multi-objective Grid Integrated Solar Pv Based Distributed Generating System View Details
28 TEMAPS27 Control Of Single-phase Solar Power Generation System With Universal Active Power Filter Capabilities Using Least Mean Mixed-norm (lmmn)-based Adaptive Filtering Method View Details
29 TEMAPS36 Smes-based Fuzzy Logic Approach For Enhancing The Reliability Of Microgrids Equipped With Pv Generators View Details
30 TEMAPS40 Whale Inspired Algorithm Based Mppt Controllers For Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic System View Details
31 TEMAPS44 Modeling Of An Intelligent Battery Controller For Standalone Solar-wind Hybrid Distributed Generation System View Details
32 TEMAPS51 A Soft-switched Power Module With Integrated Battery Interface For Photovoltaic-battery Power Architecture View Details
33 TEMAPS60 Dual-mode Operation Based Second-order Sliding Mode Control For Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Energy System View Details
34 TEMAPS69 Enhanced Auto-scaling Incremental Conductance Mppt Method, Implemented On Low-cost Microcontroller And Sepic Converter View Details
35 TEMAPS138 A Low-voltage Ride-through Strategy Using Mixed Potential Function For Three-phase Grid-connected Pv Systems View Details
36 TEMAPS143 An Adaptive Pi Control Scheme To Balance The Neutral-point Voltage In A Solar Pv Fed Grid Connected Neutral Point Clamped Inverter View Details
37 TEMAPS148 Sensorless DC-link control approach for three-phase grid integrated PV system View Details
38 TEMAPS162 Sensorless SynRG Based Variable Speed Wind Generator and Single-stage Solar PV Array Integrated Grid System with Maximum Power Extraction Capability View Details
39 TEMAPS19 Integration Of Solar Pv With Low-voltage Weak Grid System: Using Normalized Laplacian Kernel Adaptive Kalman Filter And Learning Based Inc Algorithm View Details
40 TEMAPS29 Fault Ride-through Strategy For Two-stage Gpv System Enabling Load Compensation Capabilities Using Ekf Algorithm View Details
41 TEMAPS37 An Adaptive Pi Control Scheme To Balance The Neutral-point Voltage In A Solar Pv Fed Grid Connected Neutral Point Clamped Inverter View Details
42 TEMAPS41 Comparing Fuzzy Rule – Based Mppt Techniques For Fuel Cell Stack Applications View Details
43 TEMAPS47 Coordinated Control Of Mppt And Voltage Regulation Using Single-stage High Gain Dc–dc Converter In A Grid-connected Pv System View Details
44 TEMAPS48 A Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter For Solar Power Integration View Details
45 TEMAPS52 An Integrated Step Up Inverter Without Transformer And Leakage Current For Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems View Details
46 TEMAPS61 Fault Current Hierarchical Limitation Strategy For Fault Ride-through Scheme Of Microgrid View Details
47 TEMAPS139 A Novel Adaptive Command-filtered Backstepping Sliding Mode Control For Pv Grid-connected System With Energy Storage View Details
48 TEMAPS144 An improved passivity-based control strategy for providing an accurate coordination in a AC/DC hybrid microgrid View Details
49 TEMAPS149 Sliding Mode Control Of An Active Power Filter With Photovoltaic Maximum Power Tracking View Details
50 TEMAPS165 PV system fuzzy logic MPPT method and PI control as a charge controller View Details
51 TEMAPS12 Modelling And Voltage Control Of The Solar- Wind Hybrid Micro-grid With Optimized Statcom View Details
52 TEMAPS20 Unbiased Circular Leakage Centered Adaptive Filtering Control For Power Quality Improvement Of Wind-solar Pv Energy Conversion System View Details
53 TEMAPS31 Llmlf Based Control Approach And Lpo Mppt Technique For Improving Performance Of A Multifunctional Three-phase Two-stage Grid Integrated Pv System View Details
54 TEMAPS42 Ic-based Variable Step Size Nero-fuzzy Mppt Improving Pv Systems Performances View Details
55 TEMAPS159 Robust Normalized Mixed Norm Adaptive Control Scheme for PQ Improvement at PCC of a Remotely Located Wind-Solar PV-BES Microgrid View Details

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