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power electronics Major projects
Sl.No Project Code Multilevel converters Projects Action
1 TEMAPE45 A Five-level Inverter Scheme Using Single Dc Link With Reduced Number Of Floating Capacitors And Switches Or Open-end Im Drives View Details
2 TEMAPE49 Application Of Multi-level Converter For Fast Current Control In Small-scale Dc Power Network View Details
3 TEMAPE53 Modulated Model Predictive Control For Modular Multilevel Ac/ac Converter View Details
4 TEMAPE46 A Single-phase Five-branch Direct Ac-ac Modular Multilevel Converter For Railway Power Conditioning View Details
5 TEMAPE50 Balancing Of Sub Module Capacitor Voltage Of Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter (mmc) Under Dc Bus Voltage Variation Of Hvdc System View Details
6 TEMAPE54 Parallel Implementation Of Model Predictive Control For Multilevel Cascaded H-bridge Statcom With Linear Complexity View Details
7 TEMAPE02 A Simple Autonomous Phase-shifting Pwm Approach For Series Connected Multi-converter Harmonic Mitigation View Details
8 TEMAPE47 A Novel Series-connected Asymmetric Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter For Hvdc Tapping Application View Details
9 TEMAPE51 Effective Grid Connected Power Injection Scheme Using Multilevel Inverter Based Hybrid Wind Solar Energy Conversion System View Details
10 TEMAPE44 A Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter For Solar Power Integration View Details
11 TEMAPE48 An Adaptive Pi Control Scheme To Balance The Neutral-point Voltage In A Solar Pv Fed Grid Connected Neutral Point Clamped Inverter View Details
12 TEMAPE52 Failure Prediction Of Submodule Capacitors In Modular Multilevel Converter By Monitoring The Intrinsic Capacitor Voltage Fluctuations View Details

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