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power electronics Major projects
Sl.No Project Code DC - AC converters Projects Action
1 TEMAPE05 Grid-connected Wind-photovoltaic Cogeneration Using Back-to-back Voltage Source Converters View Details
2 TEMAPE19 A Unified Power Flow Controller Using A Power Electronics Integrated Transformer View Details
3 TEMAPE06 Grid-connected Wind-photovoltaic Cogeneration Using Back-to-back Voltage Source Converters View Details
4 TEMAPE28 Different Influence Of Grid Impedance On Low- And High- Frequency Stability Of Pv Generators View Details
5 TEMAPE09 A Model Predictive Power Control Method For Pv And Energy Storage Systems With Voltage Support Capability View Details
6 TEMAPE14 A Lyapunov Function Based Model Predictive Control For Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Converters View Details
7 TEMAPE24 An Improved Current Control Strategy Based On Particle Swarm Optimization (pso) And Steady State Error Correction For Sapf View Details
8 TEMAPE29 Fault Ride-through Strategy For Two-stage Gpv System Enabling Load Compensation Capabilities Using Ekf Algorithm View Details
9 TEMAPE33 Weak Grid Intertie Wegs With Hybrid Generalized Integrator For Power Quality Improvement View Details
10 TEMAPE01 A Simple Autonomous Phase-shifting Pwm Approach For Series Connected Multi-converter Harmonic Mitigation View Details
11 TEMAPE11 An Improved Llc Resonant Converter With Reconfigurable Hybrid Voltage Multiplier And Pwm Plus- Pfm Hybrid Control For Wide Output Range Applications View Details
12 TEMAPE15 A Novel Low Voltage Ride Through Control Method For Current Source Grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverters View Details
13 TEMAPE20 Accurate Power Sharing And Synthetic Inertia Control For Dc Building Microgrids With Guaranteed Performance View Details
14 TEMAPE25 Cascaded Multiport Converter For Srm-based Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Applications View Details
15 TEMAPE30 Modulation For The Avc-heric Inverter To Compensate For Deadtime And Minimum Pulse Width Limitation Distortions View Details
16 TEMAPE03 Active And Reactive Power Injection Strategies For Three-phase Four-wire Inverters During Symmetrical/asymmetrical Voltage Sags View Details
17 TEMAPE07 Llmlf Based Control Approach And Lpo Mppt Technique For Improving Performance Of A Multifunctional Three-phase Two-stage Grid Integrated Pv System View Details
18 TEMAPE12 An Inductive Power Transfer Converter With High Efficiency Throughout Battery Charging Process View Details
19 TEMAPE16 A Novel Virtual Resistor And Capacitor Droop Control For Hess In Medium Voltage Dc System View Details
20 TEMAPE22 Adaptive Cdsc-based Open-loop Synchronization Technique For Dynamic Response Enhancement Of Active Power Filters View Details
21 TEMAPE26 Control Of Single-phase Solar Power Generation System With Universal Active Power Filter Capabilities Using Least Mean Mixed-norm (lmmn)-based Adaptive Filtering Method View Details
22 TEMAPE31 Performance Investigation Of Multifunctional On-grid Hybrid Wind-pv System With Oasc And Maf Based Control View Details
23 TEMAPE04 Direct Power Control Of Pwm Rectifier With Feed Forward Compensation Of Dc-bus Voltage Ripple Under Unbalanced Grid Conditions View Details
24 TEMAPE08 A Dual Loop Current Control Structure With Improved Disturbance Rejection For Grid Connected Converters View Details
25 TEMAPE13 An Integrated Step Up Inverter Without Transformer And Leakage Current For Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems View Details
26 TEMAPE18 Three-phase To Single-phase Ac-dc-ac Topology Based On Multi-converter In Ac Electric Railway Application View Details
27 TEMAPE23 Advanced Control Strategies For Convertible Static Transmission Controller Enabled Dual Active Power Filters And Pv-power Integration View Details
28 TEMAPE32 Shunt Isolated Active Power Filter With Common Dc Link Integrating Braking Energy Recovery In Urban Rail Transit View Details

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