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Sl.No Project Code Projects Action
1 TMMI01 Segmentation Of Optic Disc From Fundus Images View Details
2 TMMI02 The Chicken’s Legs Size Classification Using Image Processing And Deep Neural Network View Details
3 TMMI06 Skin Cancer Using ANN View Details
4 TMMI07 Lung Cancer Detection On CT Images By Using Image Processing View Details
5 TMMI08 Sleep Detection System Using Matlab Image Processing View Details
6 TMMI09 Skin Segmentation Based On Improved Thresholding Method View Details
7 TMMI10 Brain Tumors Classification From Mr Images Using A Neural Network And The Central Moments View Details
8 TMMI11 Real-time Video Enhancement Using Graphical Processing Units View Details
9 TMMI12 An Improved Palmprint Image Recognition Algorithm Via Image Restoration View Details
10 TMMI13 Region Based Adaptive Binarization For Optical Character Recognition Purposes View Details
11 TMMI14 A Fusion Framework For Camouflaged Moving Foreground Detection In The Wavelet Domain View Details
12 TMMI15 A Blind Watermarking Technique Using Redundant Wavelet Transform For Copyright Protection View Details
13 TMMI16 An Accurate Multi-row Panorama Generation Using Multi-point Joint Stitching View Details
14 TMMI17 Fake Currency Detection View Details
15 TMMI18 Recognition of Hand Written Devanagari Characters Using LDA View Details
16 TMMI19 Automatic Detection Of Exudates In Digital Color Fundus Images Using Superpixel Multi-feature Classification View Details
17 TMMI20 Facial Expressions Recognition Based On Cognition And Mapped Binary Patterns View Details
18 TMMI21 Automatic Attendance System By Using Matlab View Details
19 TMMI22 Age And Gender Classification Using Wide Convolutional Neural Network And Gabor Filter View Details
20 TMMI23 Implementation Of Human Action Recognition Using Image Parsing Techniques View Details
21 TMMI24 Calculator Design Using GUI View Details
22 TMMI25 Performance Comparison And Analysis Of Medical Image Segmentation Techniques View Details
23 TMMI03 Tomato Classification According To Organoleptic Maturity (coloration) Using Machine Learning Algorithms K-NN, MLP, And K-means Clustering View Details
24 TMMI04 Smile Detection In The Wild Based On Transfer Learning View Details
25 TMMI05 Fire Detection And Alarm Using Matlab View Details
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