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Python Research projects
Sl.No Project Code Data Mining Projects Action
1 TCREPY19_112 A Profile Clustering Based Event Logs Repairing Approach For Process Mining View Details
2 TCREPY19_116 Efficient Mining Of Frequent Patterns On Uncertain Graphs View Details
3 TCREPY19_120 A Survey Of Location Prediction On Twitter View Details
4 TCREPY19_124 Multi-party High-dimensional Data Publishing Under Differential Privacy View Details
5 TCREPY19_113 Data Mining Techniques In Intrusion Detection Systems: A Systematic Literature Review View Details
6 TCREPY19_117 Enhancing Predictive Power Of Cluster-boosted Regression With Text-based Indexing View Details
7 TCREPY19_121 Automated Phrase Mining From Massive Text View Details
8 TCREPY19_114 A Weighted Frequent Item Set Mining Algorithm For Intelligent Decision In Smart Systems View Details
9 TCREPY19_118 Efficiently Mining Frequent Item Sets On Massive Data View Details
10 TCREPY19_122 Cross-domain Sentiment Encoding Through Stochastic Word Embedding View Details
11 TCREPY19_126 Supervised Search Result Diversification Via Subtopic Attention View Details
12 TCREPY19_111 A Wisdom Of Crowds: Social Media Mining For Soccer Match Analysis View Details
13 TCREPY19_115 Mining Of Nutritional Ingredients In Food For Disease Analysis View Details
14 TCREPY19_119 A Hybrid Infrastructure Of Enterprise Architecture And Business Intelligence & Analytics For Knowledge Management In Education View Details
15 TCREPY19_123 Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding View Details
16 TCREPY19_127 Financial Latent Dirichlet Allocation (finlda): Feature Extraction In Text And Data Mining For Financial Time Series Prediction View Details
17 TCREPY19_125 Scalable Content-aware Collaborative Filtering For Location Recommendation View Details

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