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Java Research projects
Sl.No Project  Code
Cloud Computing Projects
1 TCREJA19_01 Anonymous Data Sharing Scheme In Public Cloud And Its Application In E-health Record View Details
2 TCREJA19_17 Secured Outsourcing Towards A Cloud Computing Environment Based On Dna Cryptography View Details
3 TCREJA19_06 Attribute-hiding Predicate Encryption With Equality Test In Cloud Computing View Details
4 TCREJA19_19 Privacy Preserving Searchable Encryption With Fine-grained Access Control View Details
5 TCREJA19_117 A Modified Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption Access Control View Details
6 TCREJA19_16 Lightweight And Privacy-preserving Delegatable Proofs Of Storage With Data Dynamics In Cloud Storage View Details
7 TCREJA19_20 Secure Data Group Sharing And Conditional Dissemination With Multi-owner In Cloud Computing View Details
8 TCREJA19_05 A Practical Attribute-based Document Collection Hierarchical Encryption Scheme In Cloud Computing View Details
9 TCREJA19_09 Cooperative Privacy Preservation For Wearable Devices In Hybrid Computing Based Smart Health View Details
10 TCREJA19_13 Efficient And Secure Access Control Scheme In The Standard Model For Vehicular Cloud Computing View Details
11 TCREJA19_21 Security And Privacy-preserving Challenges Of E-health Solutions In Cloud Computing View Details
12 TCREJA19_114 Research On The Trade Off Between Privacy And Trust In Cloud Computing View Details
13 TCREJA19_02 A Trust-based Agent Learning Model For Service Composition In Mobile Cloud Computing Environments View Details
14 TCREJA19_10 Cryptcloud+: Secure And Expressive Data Access Control For Cloud Storage View Details
15 TCREJA19_14 Efficient Client-side Deduplication Of Encrypted Data With Public Auditing In Cloud Storage View Details
16 TCREJA19_22 Normal Cloud Model-based Algorithm For Multi-attribute Trusted Cloud Service Selection View Details
17 TCREJA19_03 Accountable Privacy-preserving Mechanism For Cloud Computing Based On Identity-based Encryption View Details
18 TCREJA19_07 A Behavior Based Trustworthy Service Composition Discovery Approach In Cloud Environment View Details
19 TCREJA19_11 Data Security In Cloud Computing Using Aes Under Heroku Cloud View Details
20 TCREJA19_15 Hidden Ciphertext Policy Attribute-based Encryption With Fast Decryption For Personal Health Record System View Details
21 TCREJA19_23 Semantic-aware Searching Over Encrypted Data For Cloud Computing View Details
22 TCREJA19_04 A Raas Model Based On Emotion Analysis And Double Labeling Applied To Mobile Terminal View Details
23 TCREJA19_08 Combining Data Owner-side And Cloud-side Access Control For Encrypted Cloud Storage View Details
24 TCREJA19_12 Dynamic Multi-keyword Ranked Search Based On Bloom Filter Over Encrypted Cloud Data View Details
25 TCREJA19_24 Verifiable And Multi-keyword Searchable Attribute-based Encryption Scheme For Cloud Storage View Details
26 TCREJA19_115 An Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Bio-metric Identification Scheme in Cloud Computing View Details
27 TCREJA19_18 Reputation-aware Trust And Privacy-preservation For Mobile Cloud Computing View Details
Java Research projects
Sl.No Project  Code
Block Chain Projects
1 TCREJA19_90 A Novel Bitcoin Mining Scheme Based On The Multi-leader Multi-follower Stackelberg Game Model View Details
2 TCREJA19_94 Analyzing Congestion Interdependencies Of Ports And Container Ship Routes In The Maritime Network Infrastructure View Details
3 TCREJA19_91 A Reliability-aware Approach For Resource Efficient Virtual Network Function Deployment View Details
4 TCREJA19_92 A Security Authentication Scheme Of 5g Ultra-dense Network Based On Block Chain View Details
5 TCREJA19_93 An Early Detection System For Proactive Management Of Raw Milk Quality: An Australian Case Study View Details
Java Research projects
Sl.No Project  Code
Intrusion Detection System Projects
1 TCREJA19_95 Statistics-enhanced Direct Batch Growth Self-organizing Mapping For Efficient Dos Attack Detection View Details
2 TCREJA19_99 Frid: Flood Attack Mitigation Using Resources Efficient Intrusion Detection Techniques In Delay Tolerant Networks View Details
3 TCREJA19_96 Introducing Deep Learning Self-adaptive Misuse Network Intrusion Detection Systems View Details
4 TCREJA19_100 Enhancing Cyber Security In Modern Internet Of Things (iot) Using Intrusion P