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Python Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Web Applications Projects Action
1 TCMAPY01 An Efficient Online Voting Application View Details
2 TCMAPY55 Attendance Management System View Details
3 TCMAPY59 Certificate Generation System View Details
4 TCMAPY66 Luggage Import And Export System View Details
5 TCMAPY70 Smart Banking Application View Details
6 TCMAPY83 Sports Event Management System View Details
7 TCMAPY109 E Vaccination System Using Ai View Details
8 TCMAPY113 E-RTO Application View Details
9 TCMAPY137 Courier Management Application View Details
10 TCMAPY153 Earthquake Reporting System Based On Social Networking Site Using Machine Learning View Details
11 TCMAPY02 Online Web-based Bidding Application View Details
12 TCMAPY06 Employee Payroll Management Application View Details
13 TCMAPY56 Online Book Store Management Application View Details
14 TCMAPY67 Online Leave Sanction Application View Details
15 TCMAPY71 Toll Gate Application View Details
16 TCMAPY84 Company Employee Profile Using Bar Code View Details
17 TCMAPY103 Movie Rating Prediction Using Machine Learning View Details
18 TCMAPY110 E-banking With Otp Security View Details
19 TCMAPY126 Online Exam Management Application View Details
20 TCMAPY146 Product Review Analysis For Rating Machine Learning View Details
21 TCMAPY157 Automated Phrase Mining From Massive Text View Details
22 TCMAPY07 Job Searching Application View Details
23 TCMAPY11 Travels Agency Management Application View Details
24 TCMAPY57 Bus Seat Reservation System View Details
25 TCMAPY64 Hostel Seat Booking Application View Details
26 TCMAPY68 Online Vehicle Show Room Management System View Details
27 TCMAPY81 Online Crime File Management System View Details
28 TCMAPY86 Intelligence Quotient (iq) Test Application View Details
29 TCMAPY93 Law And Order Automation System View Details
30 TCMAPY106 BMI Analysis Using Behavioral Outcomes For A Person View Details
31 TCMAPY111 Orphanage Helping Management System View Details
32 TCMAPY123 Matrimony Website View Details
33 TCMAPY131 Hospital Management System View Details
34 TCMAPY135 Automation Random Question Paper Generator View Details
35 TCMAPY12 Packers & Movers Application View Details
36 TCMAPY58 Online Car Rental System View Details
37 TCMAPY82 Online Weather Prediction Application View Details
38 TCMAPY88 E-health Consulting Application View Details
39 TCMAPY94 Age Group Classification In Social Networks Using Deep Learning View Details
40 TCMAPY107 E-shop Food And Accessories Store For Pets View Details
41 TCMAPY112 Online House Construction Supporting Application View Details
42 TCMAPY128 E-library Application View Details
43 TCMAPY132 Event Management System View Details
44 TCMAPY141 Agriculture Information Management System View Details
45 TCMAPY152 Inventory Management System View Details
46 TCMAPY05 E-commerce Website On Medical And Pharmacy View Details
47 TCMAPY09 Restaurant Booking And Ordering Application View Details
48 TCMAPY13 Crm Application View Details
49 TCMAPY41 Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Logistic Regression And Neural Network Algorithm View Details
50 TCMAPY48 Analysis Of University Fitness Center Data Uncovers Interesting Patterns, Enables Prediction View Details
51 TCMAPY76 A Methodology For Secure Sharing Of File Records In The Cloud View Details
52 TCMAPY89 TV Show Popularity And ERP Rating Analysis Using Machine Learning View Details
53 TCMAPY102 Hour Wise Lecturer Tracking System View Details
54 TCMAPY118 Review And Ranking Model In Search Engines Using Unsupervised Techniques View Details
55 TCMAPY125 Online Shopping Application View Details
56 TCMAPY129 Internet Center Management System View Details
57 TCMAPY133 College Erp Management System View Details
58 TCMAPY142 Diabetes Prediction Using Data Science View Details
59 TCMAPY10 Sports Club Management Application View Details
60 TCMAPY16 Plant Leaf Recognition Using A Convolution Neural Network View Details
61 TCMAPY42 Crop Monitoring And Recommendation System Using Machine Learning Techniques View Details
62 TCMAPY49 Finding Optimal Skyline Product Combinations Under Price Promotion View Details
63 TCMAPY60 Health Predictor View Details
64 TCMAPY80 E-campus Recruitment Application View Details
65 TCMAPY91 Sales Analysis Prediction In Tourism Industry Using Machine Learning View Details
66 TCMAPY114 Garbage Maintenance Application For Cities Based On Location View Details
67 TCMAPY122 E-workshop Web Site View Details
68 TCMAPY130 Hr Management Application View Details
69 TCMAPY134 Bike Show Room Management System View Details
70 TCMAPY139 Music Player Application View Details
71 TCMAPY03 Building A Social Networking Application View Details
72 TCMAPY20 Automatic Vacant Parking Places Management System Using Multicamera Vehicle Detection View Details
73 TCMAPY45 Sales Prediction With Machine Learning View Details
74 TCMAPY52 Influence Maximization In A Vulnerable View Details
75 TCMAPY73 Machine Learning Approach To Analyze The Road Accidents In India View Details
76 TCMAPY116 Organ Donors Application View Details
77 TCMAPY127 Old Age Home And Charity Management System View Details
78 TCMAPY140 Type Racer Game Using Python View Details
79 TCMAPY148 Geo-statistics And Science Modeling Application View Details
80 TCMAPY04 Development Of A Real Estate Agency Application View Details
81 TCMAPY08 Online Vegetable Market Application View Details
82 TCMAPY38 Multi-label Learning With Emerging New Labels View Details
83 TCMAPY47 Subjective Answer Evaluation Using Machine Learning View Details
84 TCMAPY53 Efficient Traceable Authorization Search System For Secure Cloud Storage View Details
85 TCMAPY65 Id Card Generation System View Details
86 TCMAPY69 Patient Information System View Details
87 TCMAPY74 Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning View Details
88 TCMAPY117 E-diagnostic Lab Online Reporting Maintenance Application View Details
89 TCMAPY124 School Erp Management System View Details
90 TCMAPY136 Restaurant Website View Details

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