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Java Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Web Applications Projects Action
1 TCMAJA159 Quantity Netting In Stock Market View Details
2 TCMAJA163 Secured shared information using image stegnography View Details
3 TCMAJA167 Company Job Portal Management using Bar Code View Details
4 TCMAJA19 Citizen Card System View Details
5 TCMAJA24 Crime File Management System View Details
6 TCMAJA28 Detecting E Banking Phishing Websites View Details
7 TCMAJA63 Hall Ticket Generater With Qr Code View Details
8 TCMAJA73 Inkblot Password Security View Details
9 TCMAJA87 Online Visitor Card Creation And Tracking System View Details
10 TCMAJA122 Village Welfare Monitoring System View Details
11 TCMAJA151 Eamcet Mock Counseling View Details
12 TCMAJA156 Online Student Performance Evaluation System View Details
13 TCMAJA160 Internet Based Live Courier Tracking and Delivery System View Details
14 TCMAJA168 Flight booking and tracking system View Details
15 TCMAJA05 Inventory Management System View Details
16 TCMAJA10 Agriculture Information Management System View Details
17 TCMAJA29 E Authentication System Using Qr Code & Otp View Details
18 TCMAJA44 E-calculator For Calorie Calculating And Provide Suggestions View Details
19 TCMAJA48 Erp For Training Institutes View Details
20 TCMAJA80 Online College Bus Record Supervising System View Details
21 TCMAJA100 Reducing Food Waste Management System View Details
22 TCMAJA118 Trip For Tirupathi View Details
23 TCMAJA123 Website Creation And Domain Hosting In The Network View Details
24 TCMAJA152 Pro Guard: Detecting Malicious Accounts in Social-Network-Based Online Promotions View Details
25 TCMAJA157 Student Information System View Details
26 TCMAJA161 Leave management system View Details
27 TCMAJA165 Packers & Movers Application View Details
28 TCMAJA11 Answer Sheet Validation Using Qr Code View Details
29 TCMAJA34 E-time Table Automatic Timetable Generator Based On Faculty Experience View Details
30 TCMAJA45 E-judgment View Details
31 TCMAJA49 Loss Prevention System In Stock Market View Details
32 TCMAJA61 Grama Panchayat System View Details
33 TCMAJA76 E-farming View Details
34 TCMAJA89 Payroll Management System View Details
35 TCMAJA114 Sports Event Management System View Details
36 TCMAJA124 Women Training & Career Counseling Management System View Details
37 TCMAJA154 Scholarship Management System View Details
38 TCMAJA158 Online student consultancy service View Details
39 TCMAJA162 Visiting Management system View Details
40 TCMAJA166 Transplantation organ donor management system View Details
41 TCMAJA02 Innovative Idea Of Booking For Entertainment View Details
42 TCMAJA07 A Web Portal For Drinking Water Details System View Details
43 TCMAJA12 Automatic Backup System Application Using Ai View Details
44 TCMAJA18 Cable Operator’s Communication And Services View Details
45 TCMAJA27 Data For Enhancing The Security Of Secret Questions View Details
46 TCMAJA35 Knowledge-based Community Sharing System View Details
47 TCMAJA86 Online Transaction Fraud Detection Using Backlogging On E-commerce Website View Details
48 TCMAJA102 Residential Management System View Details
49 TCMAJA103 Restaurant Recommendation Using Sentiment Analysis Ml View Details
50 TCMAJA110 Sentiment Based Movie Rating System Using Machine Learning(ml) View Details
51 TCMAJA115 Sports Event Platform For Colleges View Details
52 TCMAJA121 Unique Identification Supervision System View Details
53 TCMAJA125 Seed To Seed In Natural Farming View Details
54 TCMAJA03 Intelligent Job Tracker Using Ai View Details
55 TCMAJA08 Age Group Classification In Social Networks Using Deep Learning View Details
56 TCMAJA14 Automation Random Question Paper Generator Using Machine Learning Technique View Details
57 TCMAJA32 E-symposium For College Events Scheduling View Details
58 TCMAJA36 E Vaccination System View Details
59 TCMAJA42 E-auction Bidding System Using Artificial Intelligence View Details
60 TCMAJA47 Law And Order Automation View Details
61 TCMAJA52 E-seating-examination Seating Arrangement View Details
62 TCMAJA58 Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining View Details
63 TCMAJA69 I-bus: Web Application For Bus Timing Report View Details
64 TCMAJA78 Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering Ai View Details
65 TCMAJA83 Online House Construction Supporting System View Details
66 TCMAJA92 Predicting BMI Using Behavioral Outcomes View Details
67 TCMAJA98 Real Estate Search Based On Machine Learning View Details
68 TCMAJA105 Sales Prediction In Tourism Industry (ml) View Details
69 TCMAJA112 Smart Health Consulting Services View Details
70 TCMAJA116 Student Chat Bot For College Administration Using Artificial Intelligence View Details
71 TCMAJA164 Online Social awareness system View Details
72 TCMAJA16 Baby Care Products And Baby Name Suggestions View Details
73 TCMAJA20 College Notification Message Alerts View Details
74 TCMAJA25 Criminal Investigation Tracker With Suspect Prediction View Details
75 TCMAJA33 It-supporting Help Desk For Customers View Details
76 TCMAJA37 E-weather: Weather Estimation Using Ai View Details
77 TCMAJA60 Fake Product Review Monitoring And Removal For Genuine Rating View Details
78 TCMAJA64 Health Monitoring System Using Ai View Details
79 TCMAJA70 Industrial Visit Planning And Booking System View Details
80 TCMAJA74 Death Prediction And Analysis Using Web Mining Technique View Details
81 TCMAJA84 E-singers: Online Rank Providing For Singers Based On Songs View Details
82 TCMAJA88 Orphanage Helping Management System View Details
83 TCMAJA94 Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating View Details
84 TCMAJA107 Secure File Sharing Using Access Control View Details
85 TCMAJA113 Spending Analyzer View Details
86 TCMAJA01 A Secure Payment System For Banking Transactions Using Qr Code (through E-mail) View Details
87 TCMAJA06 Iq Test System View Details
88 TCMAJA17 Building An Intelligent Hydro Informatics Integration Platform For Regional Flood Inundation Warning Systems View Details
89 TCMAJA21 Company Employee Profile Using Bar Code. View Details
90 TCMAJA26 Daily Life Activity Application For Smart Homes View Details
91 TCMAJA30 E-election College President Election System View Details
92 TCMAJA38 Eamcet Mock Counseling Using Unsupervised Learning View Details
93 TCMAJA54 E-vanitha Pg Finder Using Google Maps View Details
94 TCMAJA66 Higher Education Access Prediction Using Ai View Details
95 TCMAJA71 Inferring User Search Goals With Feedback Sessions View Details
96 TCMAJA81 Online Currency Converter Application View Details
97 TCMAJA85 Online Selling And Buying Products View Details
98 TCMAJA95 Providing Services To City Residents With Registered Unorganized Workers View Details
99 TCMAJA101 Rescue Wings Active Services Support For Disaster View Details
100 TCMAJA108 Self-diagnosis System For Disease Treatment Using Ml View Details
101 TCMAJA119 Tv Show Popularity Analysis Using Machine Learning (ml) View Details
102 TCMAJA22 Consumer Sales Online Fake Product Detection And Deletion Using Ai View Details
103 TCMAJA31 E Share Online Share-it In Web Application View Details
104 TCMAJA40 Earthquake Reporting System Based On Social Networking Site Using Machine Learning View Details
105 TCMAJA46 Employee Log Book View Details
106 TCMAJA51 E-RTO System View Details
107 TCMAJA56 Medicate Search Using Machine Learning View Details
108 TCMAJA62 Multiparty Access Control For Online Socila Network View Details
109 TCMAJA68 Horizontal Search Bar View Details
110 TCMAJA72 Information Leak Detection And Prevention System View Details
111 TCMAJA77 Online Banking With Otp Security View Details
112 TCMAJA82 Online Food And Accessories Store For Pets View Details
113 TCMAJA90 Personality Prediction System Using Machine Learning(ml) View Details
114 TCMAJA96 Ranking And Feedback Model In Search Engines Using Unsupervised Techniques View Details
115 TCMAJA155 College Information System View Details
116 TCMAJA53 Matrimonial Portal Project View Details

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