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Raspberry Pi As A Video Server


Raspberry pi, HTTP

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The Use of Raspberry pi microcomputer nowadays is increasing rapidly in various applications and projects that require an acceptable software capability and an affordable one. One of the Raspberry pi applications is to use it as a video server. Real-time video servers are used in monitoring, as well as one-sided educational conferences. In this paper, an embedded LAN live real-time video/audio stream server is designed using the Raspberry pi programming and control capabilities. The video is captured through the Raspberry pi camera module port and is compressed and sent using a special standard that applies HTTP so that it can be received from the network. The audio is also captured using a microphone and sent with the RTP protocol. This system finds somehow solutions for high cost and complex video server systems as well as the mass storage used for such systems. This system uses a video stream of 800 × 400 at 24 frames per second. This paper recommends expanding the project to a WAN network.

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Package Features

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Camera
  • Display Screen
  • Microphone
  • Network Device
  • Adapter power supply 5V
  • 2A
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Monitor
  • Raspbian OS
  • Python


  • Complete Source Code
  • Complete Documentation
  • Complete Presentation Slides
  • Flow Diagram
  • Database File
  • Screenshots
  • Execution Procedure
  • Readme File
  • Addons
  • Video Tutorials

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