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Residential Management System


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Residential Management System


A residence is an establishment where it was the place of home. Architecturally, a residence is typically a house, cottage. A residence is offered to travelers as temporary lodgings where they can rent a room. Residence management system is mainly used for booking the rooms for visitors or travelers. It consists of both ac and non- ac rooms. In existing system there is no proper online booking for visitors, instead they have to come to residence and book the room. There is no proper booking site. At present we proposed a Residential management system, by using this site users can easily book their rooms and the users can book the rooms before coming to that place. Users can select ac or non-ac rooms. Users can select the type of the room like single bedroom or double bedroom. By using this system users can easily book their rooms.

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Package Features

  • 12/7 Support
  • Voice Conference
  • Video On Demand
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Customization
  • Live Chat Support
  • Toll Free Support


  • Complete Source Code
  • Complete Documentation
  • Complete Presentation Slides
  • Flow Diagram
  • Database File
  • Screenshots
  • Execution Procedure
  • Readme File
  • Addons
  • Video Tutorials

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