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Mechanical Live Projects

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1 Fabrication Of 0 Turning Vehicle
2 Fabrication Of Tilting Vehicle Mechanism For Four Wheeler
3 Bullock Cart With Material Lifting And Dumping Mechanism Agriculture Field Using Axles, Spur And Pinion Gears, Leadscrew And Nut Mechanism With Automatic Input To Show Themechanism
4 Automatic Conveyor/ Shifting Box Mechanism Industrial Purpose, Used Mainly In The Packaging And Filling Department
5 Fabrications Of Electromagnetic Piston Engine
6 Fabrications Of Compressor Air Engine For Four Wheeler (Air Power Car )
7 Fabrications Of Solar Power Vehicle For Four Wheeler
8 Fabrications Of Wind Power Car For Four Wheeler
9 Fabrication Of Mechanical Grass Cutter
10 Fabrication Of 90 Degree Steering Mechanism
11 Fabrication Of Regenerative Braking System
12 Fabrication Of Electrical Power Generation From Shock Absorber
13 Fabrication Of Electrical Power Generation From Speed Breaker
14 Fabrication Of Electrical Power Generation Using Footsteps
15 Fabrication Of Camshaft
16 Fabrication Of Safety Elevator
17 Fabrication Of Solar Wood Cutter
18 Fabrication Of Automatic Feeding Cutting Mechanism
19 Fabrication Of Electricity Generation From Sea-saw
20 Fabrication Of Rocker Bogie Suspension System
21 Fabrication Of Multi Operating Machine
22 Fabrication Of Pick And Place Mechanism
23 Fabrication Of Hydro Power Plant Mechanical
24 Fabrication Of Railway Track Power Generation
25 Fabrication Of Seed Sower Machine
26 Fabrication Of Automatic Side Stand Retrieve System
27 Fabrication Of Gearless Transmission
28 Fabrication Of Multi Spindle Drilling Machine
29 Fabrication Of Electricity And Water Pumping System Using Wind Mill
30 Fabrication Of Mechanical Grass Cutter Machine(Using Bevel Gears arrangement)
31 Fabrication Of Pedal Powered Hacksaw Machine
32 Fabrication Of Pedal Washing Machine
33 Fabrications Of Driverless Train Technology Advanced Wireless
34 Fabrications Of Six Leg Kinematic Moving Machine
35 Fabrications Of Rice Planting Machine, Manual Operated
36 Fabricating A homeade Conveyer Belt For Industries
37 Fabrications Of Vending Machine With Simple Coin Mechanism
38 Automatic Blackboard Cleaner White Board Cleaner
39 Automatic Intelligent War Robot Mechanical Engineering
40 Automatic Electromagnetic Scrap Removing Machine
41 Automatic Break Failure Indicator
42 Automatic Bottle Filling System
43 Automatic Petrol Bunk
44 Anti-lock Braking System
45 Automated Track Guided Vehicle
46 Automatic Train Station Announcement System With Bomb Detection
47 Automatic Acceleration Controlling System In Traffic signals
48 Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Machine
49 Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism For Cutting Machine
50 Automatic Boring Mechanism For boundry
51 Automatic Car Parking System
52 Automatic Door Opening And Closing System
53 Automatic Hydraulic Moving Jack For Four Wheeler
54 Automatic Gear Tramission For Two Wheeler
55 Automatic Railway Gate Controller
56 Automatic Reverse Braking And Distance Measurement Using ultrasonic
57 Motorized Screw Jack
58 Fabrication Of Industrial Trolley
59 Automatic Vegetable Cutting Machine
60 Battery Cycle
61 Design And Fabrication Of Cam Vice
62 Automatic Distance Measurement And Braking System Using Ultrasonic
63 Barrel Lifting
64 Conveyor Automation – Fully
65 Horizontal Axis Wind Mill
66 Pelton Wheel Turbine
67 Six – Axis Material Handling Robot
68 Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System
69 Steam Power Plant
70 Ensor Operated Automatic Water Level Indicator And Controlling System
71 Ensor Operated Automated Track Guided Vehicle (Atgv)
72 Sensor Operated Auto feed Punching Machine
73 Robot With Crane System
74 Regenerative Braking System
75 Pneumatic Vice
76 Pneumatic Quick Return Mechanism
77 Pneumatic Pick And Place Robot With Video Camera
78 Coin Box Based Automatic Wheel Air Filling System
79 Automatic Parking Braking System
80 Automatic Pneumatic Punching And Riveting Machine
81 Automatic Pneumatic Stand For Two Wheeler
82 Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
83 Remote Controlled Solar Vehicle
84 Multi – Functional Wind Mill
85 Motorized Wheel Chair
86 Motorized Screw Jack
87 Intelligent Motorized Wall Painting Crane
88 Hand Propulsion And Steering Dampening For Three – Wheel Vehicle
89 Gear Type Injection Moulding Machine
90 Gps Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System – Two Wheeler
91 Fabrication Of Solar And Wind Train
92 Fabrication Of Windmill And Controlling The Direction
93 Engine Overheat Alarm
94 Emergency Braking System
95 Pneumatic Rotary Grinding Machine
96 Automatic Foot Dust Vacuum Cleaning Machine
97 Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication And Controlling System
98 Automatic Vegetable Cutting Machine – Semi
99 Automatic Vehicle Locking System By Without Helmets
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