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Mechanical Design Projects For Btech

Latest mechanical design projects for Btech Students.Get the list of mechanical design Projects.We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

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1 Stress & deflection analysis of horizontal pressure vessel with different dished end using fem
2 Evaluation of cop of a vapour compression refrigeration system with change in length of condenser
3 Investigation of thermal field in friction surfacing
4 Analyzing the internal cooling system of industrial gas turbine using ansys
5 Design and analysis of engine inlet manifold
6 Computational study on supercritical airofoil
7 Optimization flow analysis of super sonic nozzle using “cfd”
8 Design & analysis considerations of connecting rod, piston & gudgeon pin in reciprocating air compressor
9 Design & Coupled field analysis of steam generator
10 Designing of piston and analysis with different materials subjected to thermal analysis
11 Boiler burner and fuel firing system
12 Thermal analysis of combustion outer case for turbo engine
13 Design analysis of casing engine
14 Design and analysis of solar panel supporting structure in wind effect
15 Design and analysis of flywheel in petrol engine
16 Design and analysis of i.c. Engine piston
17 Design and analysis for cylinder fins
18 Designing of analysis piston
19 Design and analysis of connecting rod using different materials
20 Design and analysis of cylinder and cylinder head of 6 -stroke si engine for weight reduction
21 Design analysis of drum in brake
22 Dynamic analysis of friction material of a clutch plate
23 Finite element analysis of micro end mill and simulation of burr formation in machining Al6061-t6
24 Fatigue analysis of welded joint by varying weld bead size
25 Friction stir welding of dissimilar materials statistical analysis of the welding data
26 Calculation of coefficient of discharge of orifice plate and flow nozzle using cfd analysis
27 Design of an pelton turbine bucket using finite element analysis
28 Design and analysis of multi layer pressure vessel
29 Design of an axial flow turbocharger using finite element analysis
30 Finite element analysis to determine damping properties of high strength aluminum a356 alloy composite
31 Design & cfd analysis of coupled field analysis of steam generator)
32 Rotational movement and feed motion of face mill cutter
33 Structural and thermal analysis of cylindrical milling cutter
34 Surface-drilling and structural analysis of dth drill bit
35 Structural and thermal analysis of single point cutting tool
36 Transient thermal analysis of cylinder fins
37 Spot Weld Model For Automotive Fem Crash Simulations
38 Failure analysis of single bolted joints under various loads in composite materials
39 Finite element analysis of the effect of motorcycle helmet materials against impact velocity
40 Impact of misalignments on root stresses of hypoid gear sets
41 Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque in drilling
42 Mechanical properties of friction Stir butt-welded al7475& 6061 plate
43 Minimization of sink mark defects in injection molding process Optimization of a composite drive shaft used in automobiles
44 Optimization of high speed turning parameters of super alloy inconel 718 m aterial using taguchitechnique
45 Shape optimization and dynamic analysis of mechanical loader arm
46 Stress analysis of functionally graded discs under mechanical and thermal loads
47 Structural and vibration analysis of delaminated composite beams
48 Desigining of analysis piston
49 Design and analysis of cylinder and Cylinder head of 6-stroke si engine fo Weight reduction
50 Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force, torque and temperature in milling of e-glass andpolyester composites
51 Analysis of loader arm of pneumatic high speed loader
52 Analysis of serial pinned joints in composite materials
53 Apllication of computer simulation for finding optimum gate location in plastic injection moulding process
54 Buckling analysis of laminated composite cylindrical shells
55 Calculating heat transfer rate by varying cooling fluid for engine cylinder fins
56 Composite material analysis of axial flow fans
57 Composite material reinforcement of leaf spring
58 Design and analysis of pressure vessel using composite material
59 Design and optimization of axial flow compressor
60 Dynamic analysis of cracks in composite material
61 Effect of orientation angle of elliptical hole in thermoplastic composite plate at different loads
62 Effect of tyre overload and inflation pressure on rolling loss (resistance) and fuel consumption of automobile cars
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