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EEE Hardware Project Titles

We Will Provide EEE Hardware Project titles for Mtech & Btech Students.We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

1 A Zero-Voltage-Transition Heric-Type Transformerless Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter.
2 A Single-Phase Single-Stage Switched-Boost Inverter With Four Switches
3 Quasi-Interleaved Current Control For Switch-Linear Hybrid Envelope Tracking Power Supply
4 Power Routing For Cascaded H-Bridge Converters
5 Design And Analysis Of A Novel Zv Zct Boost Converter With Coupling Effect
6 Enhancing The Reliability Of Modular Multilevel Converters Using Neutral Shift
7 Multi-Input Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter For High- Frequency Ac Power Distribution
8 New Switching Strategy For Single Mode Operation Of A Single-Stage Buck-Boost Inverter
9 A New Zvt Snubbers Cell For Pwm-Pfc Boost Converter
10 New Tunable Piezoelectric Transformers And Their Application In Dc-Dc Converters
11 Wide Input-Voltage Range Boost Three-Level Dc-Dc Converter With Quasi-Z Source For Fuel Cell Vehicles
12 A Performance Investigation Of A Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter-Fed Im Drives At Low Speeds Using Fuzzy Logic And Pi Controllers
13 Improved Cascaded Multilevel Battery Inverters With Phase-To-Phase Soc Balancing Capability
14 A Novel Method Based On Self-Power Supply Control For Balancing Capacitor Static Voltage In Mmc
15 Single Stage Solar Pv Fed Brushless Dc Motor Driven Water Pump
16 Dynamic Performance Adjusting Control Of Dc Motor Double Closed Loop Speed Regulating System
17 Robust Control Qft Position For Brushed Dc Motor
18 Performance Enhancement Of Permanent Magnet Brushless Dc Motor Using Multilevel Inverter
19 Regenerative Hybrid Battery Power Module For Bldc Motor Drive
20 Operation Of Pm Bldc Motor Drives With Faulty Rotor Position Sensor
21 Compensation Of Misalignment Effect Of Hall Sensors For Bldc Motor Drives
22 An Adaptive Resonant Regulator For Single-Phase Grid-Tied Vscs
23 Model Predictive Control For Three-Phase Four-Leg Grid-Tied Inverters
24 Application Of Transformer-Less Upfc For Interconnecting Two Synchronous Ac Grids Width Large Phase Difference
25 Bidirectional Power Flow Control In A Dc Micro Grid Through A Switched-Capacitor Cell Hybrid Dc-Dc Converter
26 Mitigation Of Resonance Propagation In Grid Connected Islanding Micro Grids
27 Control And Opereation Of A Dc Grid Based Wind Power Generation System In A Microgrid
28 Mitigation Of Lower Order Harmonics In A Grid Connected Single Phase Pv Inverter
29 A Hybrid Solar Array/Ac Grid Power System With Near Sinusoidal Input Current
30 Multi-Topology-Mode Grid-Connected Inverter To Improve Comprehensive Performance Of Renewable Energy Source Generation System
31 High-Efficiency Modules With Passivated Emitter And Rear Solar Cells
32 Varying Phase Angle Control In Isolated Bidirectional Dc-Dc Converter For Integrating Battery Storage And Solar Pv System In Standalone Mode
33 Quasi-Online Technique For Health Monitoring Of Capacitor In Single Phase Solar Inverter
34 Design Of Heric Configuration Based Grid Connected Single Phase Transformer Less Photovoltaic Inverter
35 Peak Power Detection Of Ps Solar Pv Panel By Using Wpsco
36 Design Of A Robust Pi Controller For Photovoltaic Energy Storage System In Constant Voltage Charging Mode
37 Grid Connected Pv/Wind Multisource Input Based Bidirectional Dc –Dc Converter For House Hold Applns
38 A Novel Contra-Rotating Power Split Transmission System For Wind Power Generation And Its Dual Mppt Control Strategy
39 Novel Isolated Power Conditioning Unit For Micro Wind Turbine Applications
40 Replacing The Grid Interface Transformer In Wind Energy Conversion System With Solidstate Transformer
41 Preliminary Experiment For Electricity Generation Using Peltier Modules
42 Voltage-Double Magnetically Coupled Impedance Source Networks
43 A Series Lc Filtered Active Damper With Grid Disturbance Rejection For Ac Power
44 Harmonic Elimination Using Parallel Delta-Connected Filtering Windings For Converter Transformers In Hvdc Systems
45 A Single-Stage High Frequency Resonant Ac/Ac Converter
46 Reactive Power Comparison Of Four-Coil, Lcc And Clc Compensation Network For Wireless Power Transfer
47 A Two-Plate Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer System For Electric Vehicle Charging Applications
48 A Hybrid Bi-Directional Wireless Ev Charging System Tolerant To Pad Misalignment
49 An Energy Function-Based Optimal Control Strategy For Output Stabilization Of Integrated Dfig-Flywheel Energy Storage System
50 Data-Mining-Based Intelligent Differential Relaying For Transmission Lines Including Upfc And Wind Farms
51 Application Of Transformer-Less Upfc For Interconnecting Two Synchronous Ac Grids Width Large Phase Difference
52 Power Quality Enhancement For A Grid Connected Wind Turbine Energy System
53 A Low Capacitance Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level Statcom Power
54 Unbalanced Control Strategy For A Thyristor Controlled Lc-Coupling Hybrid Active Power Filter (Tclc-Hapf) In Three-Phase Three-Wire Systems
55 Improved Cascaded Multilevel Battery Inverters With Phase-To-Phase Soc Balancing Capability
56 Improved Cascaded Multilevel Battery Inverters With Phase-To-Phase Soc Balancing Capability
57 Three-Phase Three-Level Flying Capacitors Split-Source Inverters: Analysis And Modulation
58 On The Role Of The Power Electronics On Visible Light Communication
59 Vibration And Noise Characteristics Of The Inductive Filtering Converter Transformer
60 Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control Of A Pmsm Fed By A Multilevel Inverter. Multi-Level
61 Input Voltage Sensor Less Duty Compensation Control For A Three-Phase Boost Pfc Converter
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