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Matlab Communication Projects For Mtech

Mtech Final year Matlab Communication Projects.Get the list of Mtech Matlab Communication Projects.We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

1 Performance Analysis of Secret Precoding-Aided Spatial Modulation with Finite-Alphabet Signaling
2 Massive-MIMO Enabled FDD Wireless Backhaul Small-cell Relay Networks: AF Protocol Based Designs with Low Channel Estimation and Feedback Complexity
3 On Physical-Layer Security in Multiuser Visible Light Communication Systems with Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
4 Multistatic Scatter Radio Sensor Networks for Extended Coverage
5 Sensitive and Nonlinear Far Field RF Energy Harvesting in Wireless Communications
6 Energy-Efficient Hybrid Precoding Design for Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems Via Coordinate Update Algorithms
7 Capacity Results on Multiple-Input Single-Output Wireless Optical Channels
8 A Novel Digital-Intensive Hybrid Polar-I/Q RF Transmitter Architecture Communications
9 Mode Hopping for Anti-Jamming in Radio Vortex Wireless Communications
10 Coverage Analysis for Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks with Imperfect Beam Alignment
11 Propagation Models and Performance Evaluation for 5G Millimeter-Wave Bands
12 Distributed Power Control for Multi-hop Energy Harvesting Links with Retransmission
13 Optimal Power Allocation by Imperfect Hardware Analysis in Untrusted Relaying Networks
14 Dirty MIMO Transmitters: Does It Matter?
15 Intrinsic Secrecy of EGT and MRT Precoders for Proper and Improper Modulations
16 A Non-stationary Service Curve Model for Estimation of Cellular Sleep Scheduling
17 Massive MIMO has Unlimited Capacity
18 A Random Access Protocol for Pilot Allocation in Crowded Massive MIMO Systems
19 Time-to-Space Division Multiplexing for Tb/s Mobile Cells
20 Super-Resolution Channel Estimation for MmWave Massive MIMO with Hybrid Precoding
21 Large System Analysis of Two-Stage Beamforming With Limited Feedback in FDD Massive MIMO Systems
22 Channel Feedback Codebook Design for Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems Relying on Lens Antenna Array
23 Network Deployment for Maximal Energy Efficiency in Uplink with Multislope Path Loss
24 High-sensitive Smartphone-based Raman System based on Cloud Network Architecture
25 Channel Feedback Based on AoD-Adaptive Subspace Codebook in FDD Massive MIMO Systems
26 Geometric Mean Decomposition Based Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO
27 Relay Hybrid Precoding Design in Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems
28 Energy-Efficient D2D Communication Based Retransmission Scheme for Reliable Multicast in Wireless Cellular Network Communications
29 Achieving Green Transmission With Energy Harvesting Based Cooperative Communication
30 Uplink Access Protocol in IEEE 802.11ac
31 Modeling and Control of a Master–Slave PV Inverter With N-Paralleled Inverters and Three-Phase Three-Limb Inductors
32 Throughput Maximization for Multi-Hop Decode-and-Forward Relay Network With Wireless Energy Harvesting
33 Slice as an Evolutionary Service: Genetic Optimization for Inter-Slice Resource Management in 5G Networks
34 Secret Key Establishment via RSS Trajectory Matching Between Wearable Devices
35 Cellular Network Traces Towards 5G: Usage, Analysis and Generation
36 Compressive Data Gathering Based on Even Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks
37 OEHadoop: Accelerate Hadoop Applications by Co-designing Hadoop with Data Center Network
38 Efficient and Consistent Flow Update for Software Defined Networks
39 Resource Allocation for Real-time D2D Communications underlaying Cellular Networks
1 Design Of Low-Latency Uplink Mac Scheduling For Massive Mimo-Ofdm Systems
2 Mimo-Ofdm For Small Cell Backhaul In The Presence Of Synchronization Errors And Phase Noise
3 Interference-Free Pilots Insertion For Mimo-Gfdm Channel Estimation
4 Enhanced Time-Shifted Pilot Based Channel Estimation In Massive Mimo Systems With Finite Number Of Antennas
5 Waveform Design For Joint Radar-Communication System With Multi-User Based On MIMO Radar
6 Image-based Video Retrieval Using Deep Feature
7 MIMO Equalization of 16-QAM Signal Blocks using an FFT-based Alphabet-Matched CMA
8 Filter Design to Address Range Sidelobe Modulation in Transmit-Encoded Radar-Embedded Communications
9 Joint MFCC-and-Vector Quantization based Text-Independent Speaker Recognition System
10 Adaptive Processing Of Image Using Dwt And Fft Ofdm In Awgn And Rayleigh Channel
11 Improved Fountain Codes For Bi-Awgn Channels
12 Interference-Free Pilots Insertion For Mimo-Gfdm Channel Estimation
13 Adc Bit Allocation Under A Power Constraint For Mmwave Massive Mimo Communication Receivers
14 Ber Analysis Of Regularized Least Squares For Bpsk Recovery
15 Enhanced Time-Shifted Pilot Based Channel Estimation In Massive Mimo Systems With Finite Number Of Antennas
16 Design Of Low-Latency Uplink Mac Scheduling For Massive Mimo-Ofdm Systems
17 MIMO-OFDM for Small Cell Backhaul in the Presence of Synchronization Errors and Phase Noise
18 Signal Detection of MIMO-OFDM System Based on Auto Encoder and Extreme Learning Machine
19 Waveform Design For Joint Radar-Communication System With Multi-User Based On MIMO Radar
20 Adaptive Processing of Image using DWT and FFT OFDM in AWGN and Rayleigh Channel
1 PAR Aware Large Scale Multi User MIMO OFDM Downlink
2 Performance Analysis of μ-law Companding & SQRT Techniques for M-QAM OFDM systems
3 Complex weighted OFDM Transmission with Low PAPR
4 A Weighted OFDM Signal Scheme for Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction of OFDM Signals
5 Optimal BER Balanced Combining for Weighted Energy Detection of UWB OOK Signals
6 A New BER Upper Bound for Multiuser Downlink Systems
7 Diversity of MMSE Receivers in MIMO Multiple Access Channels
8 Enhanced Limited Feedback Schemes for DL MU-MIMO ZF Precoding
9 Performance Analysis of Alamouti Transmit Diversity with A Sub Optimum Joint Transmit Receive Antenna Selection Scheme
10 BER Modeling for Interference Canceling FIR Wiener Equalizer
11 An Integrated Linear Programming Receiver for LDPC Coded MIMO-OFDM Signals
12 Compare the performance analysis for FFT based MIMO OFDM with dwt based MIMO-OFDM
13 Performance Analysis of Phase Noise Impaired OFDM System in a Multipath Fading Channel
14 Spectrally Efficient Time Frequency Training OFDM For MIMO Systems
15 PAPR Comparison between conventional OFDM and fast OFDM on Radio over fiber applications
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