Communication Projects
1 PAR Aware Large Scale Multi User MIMO OFDM Downlink
2 Performance Analysis of μ-law Companding & SQRT Techniques for M-QAM OFDM systems
3 Complex weighted OFDM Transmission with Low PAPR
4 A Weighted OFDM Signal Scheme for Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction of OFDM Signals
5 Optimal BER Balanced Combining for Weighted Energy Detection of UWB OOK Signals
6 A New BER Upper Bound for Multiuser Downlink Systems
7 Diversity of MMSE Receivers in MIMO Multiple Access Channels
8 Enhanced Limited Feedback Schemes for DL MU-MIMO ZF Precoding
9 Performance Analysis of Alamouti Transmit Diversity with A Sub Optimum Joint Transmit Receive Antenna Selection Scheme
10 BER Modeling for Interference Canceling FIR Wiener Equalizer
11 An Integrated Linear Programming Receiver for LDPC Coded MIMO-OFDM Signals
12 Compare the performance analysis for FFT based MIMO OFDM with dwt based MIMO-OFDM
13 Performance Analysis of Phase Noise Impaired OFDM System in a Multipath Fading Channel
14 Spectrally Efficient Time Frequency Training OFDM For MIMO Systems
15 PAPR Comparison between conventional OFDM and fast OFDM on Radio over fiber applications
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