Software Engineering Projects
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1 Mapping Bug Reports to Relevant Files: A Ranking Model, a FineGrained Benchmark, and Feature Evaluation
2 Metamorphic Testing for Software Quality Assessment: A Study of Search Engines
3 SITAR: GUI Test Script Repair
4 Synchronizing Files from a Large Number of Insertions and Deletions
5 Scope-aided test prioritization, selection and minimization for software reuse
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1 Integer Parameter Synthesis for Real-Time Systems
2 Mining Version Histories for Detecting Code Smells
3 Static Fault Localization in Model Transformations
4 The Oracle Problem in Software Testing A Survey
5 English to Telugu Rule based Machine Translation System A Hybrid Approach
6 Hybrid approach for Part of Speech Tagger for Hindi language-screen
7 Named Entity Recognition (NER) in Telugu Using Hybrid Approach-screens
8 Generation of Pairwise Test Sets using a Harmony Search Algorithm
9 Inferring Loop Invariants by Mutation, Dynamic,.
10 An Architecture-Based Multi-Objective Optimization Approach to Testing Resource Allocation
11 Assessing the Refactorability of Software Clones
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