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Java Service Computing Projects For Mtech

Mtech Final year Java Service Computing Projects.Get the list of java Mtech Service computing projects.We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

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1 Achieving Fairness-aware Two-level Scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
2 Optimizing Autonomic Resources for the Management of Large Service-Based Business Processes
3 Privacy Preserving Location-Aware Personalized Web Service Recommendations
4 Quality and Profit Assured Trusted Cloud Federation Formation: Game Theory Based Approach
5 Scheduling Inter-Datacenter Video Flows for Cost Efficiency
6 Semantics Mining & Indexing-based Rapid Web Services Discovery Framework
7 Similarity-maintaining Privacy Preservation and Location-aware Low-rank Matrix Factorization for QoS Prediction based Web Service Recommendations
8 A Distributed Truthful Auction Mechanism for Task Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing
9 A Dynamic Virtual Machine Placement and Migration Scheme for Data Center
10 An Instance Reservation Framework for Cost Effective Services in Geo-Distributed Data Centers
11 Efficient and Adaptive Procurement Protocol with Purchasing Privacy
12 Multi-user Multi-task Computation Offloading in Green Mobile Edge Cloud Computing
13 SEPDP: Secure and Efficient Privacy Preserving Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storage
14 Towards Deadline Guaranteed Cloud Storage Services
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1 Resource renting for periodical cloud workflow applications
2 Time Dependent Pricing for Large-scale Mobile Networks of Urban Environment: Feasibility and Adaptability
3 TAFC: Time and Attribute Factors Combined Access Control on Time-Sensitive Data in Public Cloud
4 Transactional Behavior Verification in Business Process as a Service Configuration
5 Pattern−Based Design and Verification of Secure Service Compositions
6 LoDPD: A Location Difference-based Proximity Detection Protocol for Fog Computing
7 Resource Allocation in Vehicular Cloud Computing Systems with Heterogeneous Vehicles and Roadside Units
8 Security-Aware Waveforms for Enhancing Wireless Communications Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems via Multipath Receptions
9 A Hybrid Bio-Inspired Algorithm for Scheduling and Resource Management in Cloud Environment
10 A semi-automatic and trustworthy scheme for continuous cloud service certification
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1 Cloud workflow scheduling with deadlines and time slot availability
2 Publicly Verifiable Inner Product Evaluation over Outsourced Data Streams under Multiple Keys
3 SecRBAC: Secure data in the Clouds
4 Risk Assessment in a Sensor Cloud Framework Using Attack Graphs
1 A Novel Time Obfuscated Algorithm for Trajectory Privacy Protection
2 An Empirical Study of Error Patterns in Industrial Business Process Models
3 Commitments to Regulate Social Web Services Operation
4 Comprehensive Explanation of SLA Violations at Runtime
5 Decentralized Enactment of BPEL Processes
6 Introducing Replace ability into Web Service Composition
7 Privacy Enhanced Web Service Composition
8 Reliability Based Design Optimization for Cloud Migration
9 Satisfiability Analysis of Workflows with Control-Flow Patterns and Authorization Constraints
10 Scalable and Accurate Prediction of Availability of Atomic Web Services
11 Service Identification in Inter organizational Process Design
12 Towards Efficient Virtual Appliance Delivery with Minimal Manageable Virtual Appliances
13 Variations in Performance and Scalability An Experimental Study in IaaS CloudS Using Multi Tier Workloads
14 Simulating Service Oriented Systems A Survey and the Services-Aware Simulation Framework
15 A Fully Distributed Scheme for Discovery of Semantic Relationships
16 Cost and Accuracy Aware Scientific Workflow Composition for Service-Oriented Environments
17 Using Multi Tier Workloads
18 A Graph Derivation Based Approach for Measuring and Comparing Structural Semantics of Ontologies
19 Constraint Aware Approach to Web Service Composition
20 Design of a RESTful Web Information System for Drug Prescription and Administration
21 Designing an Architecture for Monitoring Patients at Home Ontologies and Web Services for Clinical
22 SMARTSPACE Multiagent Based Distributed Platform for Semantic Service Discovery
23 Web Service Recommendation via Exploiting Location and QoS Information
1 A Decentralized Service Discovery Approach on Peer to Peer Networks
2 Personalized QoSAware Web Service Recommendation and Visualization
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