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Java Parallel & Distributed Projects For Mtech Students

Mtech Final Year Projects on Java Parallel and Distributed.Get the List of Mtech Java Parallel & Distributed Projects.We will give guideliness about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

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1 An Efficient and Fair Multi-Resource Allocation Mechanism for Heterogeneous Servers
2 BiGNoC: Accelerating Big Data Computing with Application Specific Photonic Network-on-Chip Architectures
3 Core Maintenance in Dynamic Graphs: A Parallel Approach based on Matching
4 Encoding-Aware Data Placement for Efficient Degraded Reads in XOR-Coded Storage Systems: Algorithms and Evaluation
5 Minimal Cost Server Configuration for Meeting Time-Varying Resource Demands in Cloud Centers
6 Multi-objective Optimization for Virtual Machine Allocation and Replica Placement in Virtualized Hadoop
7 Profit-Driven Dynamic Cloud Pricing for Multi server Systems Considering User Perceived Value
8 Asynchronous and Exact Forward Recovery for Detected Errors in Iterative Solvers
9 RoB-Router : A Reorder Buffer Enabled Low Latency Network-on-Chip Router
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1 Binary-Tree Based Estimation of File Requests for Efficient Data Replication
2 Enabling Efficient and Reliable Transition from Replication to Erasure Coding for Clustered File Systems
1 Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Using the Uncertainty Principle of Game Theory
2 A Secure and Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
3 Game Theoretic Resource Allocation in Media Cloud With Mobile Social Users
4 Probabilistic static load-balancing of parallel Mining of frequent sequences
5 Innovative Schemes for Resource Allocation in the Cloud for Media Streaming Applications
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1 A Distributed Fault-Tolerant Topology Control Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
2 Adaptive Algorithms for Diagnosing Large-Scale Failures in Computer Networks
3 Aggregated-Proof Based Hierarchical Authentication Scheme for the Internet of Things
4 Asymmetric Social Proximity Based Private Matching Protocols for Online Social Networks
5 Consistency-Aware Zone Mapping and Client Assignment in Multi-Server Distributed Virtual Environments
6 Decentralized Computation Offloading Game for Mobile Cloud Computing
7 Towards Flexible Guarantees in Clouds Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation and Pricing
8 Dynamic Cloud Instance Acquisition via IaaS Cloud Brokerage
9 Improving the Network Lifetime of MANETs Through Cooperative MAC Protocol Design
10 Innovative Schemes for Resource Allocation in the Cloud for Media Streaming Applications
11 Universal Network Coding-based Opportunistic Routing for Unicast
12 Multicent A Multifunctional Incentive Scheme Adaptive to Diverse Performance Objectives for DTN Routing
13 PSMPA Patient Self-controllable and Multi-level Privacy-preserving Cooperative Authentication in Distributed m-Healthcare Cloud Computing System
14 Routing Pressure A Channel-related and Traffic-aware Metric of Routing Algorithm
15 Secrecy Capacity Optimization via Cooperative Relaying and Jamming for WANETs
16 Shared Authority Based Privacy-preserving Authentication Protocol in Cloud Computing
17 Swiper Exploiting Virtual Machine Vulnerability in Third-Party Clouds with Competition for IO Resources
18 Cost-Effective Authentic and Anonymous Data Sharing with Forward Security
19 Secure Distributed Deduplication Systems with Improved Reliability
20 Securing Brokerless PublishSubscribeSystemsUsing Identity Based Encryption
1 Securing Broker Less Publish Subscribe Systems Using Identity-Based Encryption
2 Traffic pattern based content leakage detection for trusted content delivery networks
3 A System for Denial of Service Attack Detection Based on Multivariate Correlation Analysis
4 Behavioral Malware Detection in Delay Tolerant Networks
5 A Model Approach to the Estimation of Peer to Peer Traffic Matrices
6 A Scalable and Mobility Resilient Data Search System for Large Scale Mobile Wireless Networks
7 A Scalable and Modular Architecture for High Performance Packet Classification
8 CPU Scheduling for Power Energy Management on Multicore Processors Using Cache Miss
9 Dynamic Trust Management for Delay Tolerant Networks and Its Application to Secure Routing
11 Improvement of Real Time Multi Core Schedul ability with Forced Non-Preemption
12 Improving the Performance of Independent Task Assignment Heuristics MinMin, MaxMin and Sufferage
13 Localized Movement Assisted Sensor Deployment Algorithm for Hole Detection and Healing
14 Reservation Based Packet Buffers with Deterministic Packet Departures
15 Signature Searching in a Networked Collection of Files
16 An Online Integrated Resource Allocator for Guaranteed Performance in Data Centers
17 Efficient Data Collection for Large Scale Mobile Monitoring Applications
18 Efficient Response Time Approximations for Multiclass Fork and Join Queues in Open and Closed Queuing Networks
19 Harmonic Aware Multi Core Scheduling for Fixed Priority Real Time Systems
20 Hyperbolic Utilization Bounds for Rate Monotonic Scheduling on Homogeneous Multiprocessors
21 Max Min Lifetime Optimization for Cooperative Communications in Multi Channel Wireless Networks
22 Multi Core Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks Architecture and Applications
23 On Social Delay Tolerant Networking Aggregation Tie Detection and Routing
24 Secure Deduplication with Efficient and Reliable Convergent Key Managements
25 Cross Layer Approach for Minimizing Routing Disruption in IP Networks
26 Multicast Capacity in MANET with Infrastructure Support
27 Order Optimal Information Dissemination in MANETs via Network Coding
28 Bumping A BumpAided Inertial Navigation Method for Indoor Vehicles Using Smart phones
29 Constructing Load Balanced Data Aggregation Trees in Probabilistic Wireless Sensor Networks
30 Contiguous Link Scheduling for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
31 Distributed Placement of Autonomic Internet Services
32 Distributed Throughput Maximization in Wireless Networks Using the Stability Region
33 Dynamic Aggregate An Elastic Framework for QoS Aware Distributed Processing of RFID Data on Enterprise Hierarchy
34 Expressive Efficient and Revocable Data Access Control for Multi Authority Cloud Storage
35 From Shortest-Path to All Path The Routing Continuum Theory and Its Applications
36 Function Computation over Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
37 Further Observations on Smart Card-Based Password Authenticated Key Agreement in Distributed Systems
38 Meeting Deadlines of Scientific Workflows in Public Clouds with Tasks Replication
39 Memory Aware Task Scheduling with Communication Overhead Minimization for Streaming Applications
40 Omni directional Coverage for Device Free Passive Human Detection
41 On the Speedup of Recovery in Large Scale Erasure Coded Storage Systems
42 Order Optimal Information Dissemination in MANETs via Network Coding
43 Peer Assisted VoD Systems An Efficient Modeling Framework
44 Robust Trajectory Estimation for Crowd sourcing-Based Mobile Applications
45 Taxonomy of Attacks for Agent-Based Smart Grids
46 Towards Providing Scalable and Robust Privacy in Vehicular Networks
47 Views in a Graph To Which Depth Must Equality Be Checked
48 Web Service Recommendation via Exploiting Location and QoS Information
49 Enabling Trustworthy Service Evaluation in Service-Oriented Mobile Social Networks
50 Exploiting Service Similarity for Privacy in Location Based Search Queries
51 A Security and Privacy Aware Location Based Rewarding System
52 On False Data Injection Attacks against Power System State Estimation: Modeling and Countermeasures
53 RRE A Game Theoretic Intrusion Response and Recovery Engine
54 Securing Broker Less Publish Subscribe Systems Using Identity-Based Encryption
55 The Client Assignment Problem for Continuous Distributed Interactive Applications: Analysis, Algorithms, and Evaluation
56 The Design and Evaluation of An Information Sharing System for Human Networks
57 Traffic Pattern Based Content Leakage Detection for Trusted Content Delivery Networks
58 Secure Outsourced Attribute based Signatures
59 ZEBRA Data Centric Contention Management in Hardware Transactional Memory
60 TRACON Interference Aware Scheduling for Data Intensive Applications in Virtualized Environments
61 Trajectory Improves Data Delivery in Urban Vehicular Networks
62 Streaming Applications on Bus-Based Multiprocessor System on Chips
63 Delving into Participants’ Profiles and Use of Social Tools in MOOCs
64 A Probabilistic Misbehavior Detection Scheme toward Efficient Trust Establishment in Delay-Tolerant Networks
1 A Secure Protocol for Spontaneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Creation
2 Security Analysis of a Privacy Preserving Decentralized Key Policy Attribute
3 IP Geolocation Mapping for Moderately Connected Internet Regions
4 Optimal Client Server Assignment for Internet Distributed Systems
5 SocialTube P2P assisted Video Sharing in Online Social Networks
6 A System for Denial of Service Attack Detection Based on Multivariate
7 Dynamic Resource Allocation using Virtual Machines for Cloud Computing
8 Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing
1 Enabling Secure and Efficient Ranked Keyword Search over Outsourced
2 Traffic Light Mapping and Detection
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