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Artificial Iintelligence Projects
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1 Automatic Vacant Parking Places Management System Using Multi camera Vehicle Detection
2 Energy Aware Driving: Optimal Electric Vehicle Speed Profiles for Sustainability in Transportation
3 Identifying Regional Trends in Avatar Customization.
4 Machine Learning Approaches to Competing in Fantasy Leagues for the NFL.
5 PCCA: Position Confidentiality Conserving Algorithm for Content Protection in e-Governance Services and Applications
6 Simultaneous Spectral Data Embedding and Clustering.
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1 Counting Apples and Oranges with Deep Learning A Data Driven Approach
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1 Customer Focused Ecommerce Site with AI Bot
2 Your Personal Nutritionist using FatSecret API
3 Customer Targeted E-Commerce
4 Personality Prediction System
5 TV Show Popularity Analysis
6 Twitter Trend Mining
7 Online Book recommendation System using Collaborative Filtering
8 Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining PHP
9 Fake Product Review Monitoring and Removal for Genuine Product Reviews Using Opinion Mining PHP
10 A commodity search system for online shopping based on web mining
11 Student Information Chat Bot System
12 Stream Analysis for Career Choice Aptitude Tests
13 Product Review Analysis for Genuine Rating
14 Android Smart City Traveler
15 Artificial Intelligence Dietician
16 Heart Disease Prediction
17 Enhance AI Based Net Banker System
18 Sentiment Based Movie Rating System
19 Online AI Shopping with Wallet System
20 Question Paper Generator Project
21 Student Information Chatbot Project
22 Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
23 Mobile Attendance System
24 Intelligent Tourist System Project
25 AI Desktop Partner
26 Intelligent Chat Bot
27 AI Answer Verifier
28 Stock Market Analysis
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