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Btech/BE Java data mining Projects

Java Btech data mining projects for final year students.Get the list of Java Btech data mining project topics.We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

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1 Finding optimal skyline product combinations under price promotion
2 Multi label learning with Emerging new labels
3 On Generalizing Collective Spatial Keyword queries
4 Online Product Quantization
5 Optimizing quality for probabilistic skyline computation and probabilistic similarity search
6 Order-Sensitive Imputation for Clustered Missing values
7 Partially Related Multi-Task Clustering
8 Privacy Characterization and Quantification in Data publishing
9 Privacy Enhanced Matrix Factorization for Recommendation with Local Differential Privacy
10 Privacy preserving collaborative model Learning: The case of word vector training
11 Relationship between variants of one-class nearest neighbors and creating their accurate Ensembles
12 Rules based entity Entity Resolution on Database with hidden temporal information
13 Self-Tuned Descriptive Document Clustering using a predictive network
14 Semi-supervised ensemble clustering based on selected constraint projection
15 SIMkNN A Scalable Method for In-Memory kNN search over moving objects in Road Networks
16 Top-k Critical Vertices Query on Shortest Path
17 Unsupervised Coupled Metric Similarity for Non IID Categorical data
18 We Like, We Post A Joint User-Post Approach for facebook post stance Labeling
19 A Correlation based feature weighting filter for Naive Bayes
20 A note on the behavior of majority voting in Multi class domain with biased annotators
21 Automated Discovery of process models from Event Logs: Review and Benchmark
22 Efficient vertical mining of High Average utility item sets based on Novel-upper Bounds
23 Hierarchical Multi clue Modeling for popularity prediction with Heterogeneous Tourist information
24 Normalization of Duplicate records from multiple Resources
25 On spatial aware community search
26 Privacy preserving social media data publishing for personalized Ranking based recommendation
27 Progressive approaches for pareto optimal groups computation
28 Structure preserved unsupervised domain adaptation
29 Super graph search in Graph databases via Hierarchical Feature -Tree
30 Towards confidence interval estimation in Truth Discovery
31 Visual cascade probability estimation and maximization in Diffusion Networks
32 Webpage depth viewability prediction using Deep Sequential Neural Networks
33 Analysis of University Fitness Center Data Uncovers Interesting Patterns, Enables Prediction
34 D2HistoSketch: Discriminative and Dynamic Similarity-Preserving Sketching of Streaming
35 Efficient Scheduling of Scientific Workflows using Hot Metadata in a Multisite Cloud
36 Low-rank Sparse Subspace for Spectral Clustering
37 MUSE: Minimum Uncertainty and Sample Elimination Based Binary Feature Selection
38 Pair-Linking for Collective Entity Disambiguation: Two Could Be Better Than All
39 Pricing Average Price Advertising Options When Underlying Spot Market Prices Are Discontinuous
40 Reader Comment Digest Through Latent Event Facets and News Specificity
41 Relative Pairwise Relationship Constrained Non-negative Matrix Factorisation
42 User Preference Analysis for Most Frequent Peer/Dominator
43 Utilization-Aware Trip Advisor in Bike-sharing Systems Based on User Behavior Analysis
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1 Mining the Most Influential k-Location Set From Massive Trajectories
2 Energy-efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines
3 Advanced Block Nested Loop Join for Extending SSD Lifetime
4 Feature Selection by Maximizing Independent Classification Information
5 A Systematic Approach to Clustering Whole Trajectories of Mobile Objects in Road Networks
6 An Efficient Indexing Method for Skyline Computations with Partially Ordered Domains
7 Continuous Top-k Monitoring on Document Streams
8 Dynamic Facet Ordering for Faceted Product Search Engines
9 Efficient Algorithms for the Identification of Top-k Structural Hole Spanners in Large Social Networks
10 Feature Constrained Multi-Task Learning Models for Spatiotemporal Event Forecasting
11 Spectral Ensemble Clustering via Weighted K-means: Theoretical and Practical Evidence
12 Analyzing Sentiments in One Go: A Supervised Joint Topic Modeling Approach
13 Data-driven Answer Selection in Community QA Systems
14 Efficient Top-k Dominating Computation on Massive Data
15 Online Multi-Task Learning Framework for Ensemble Forecasting
16 Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play
17 User Vitality Ranking and Prediction in Social Networking Services: a Dynamic Network Perspective
18 Collaboratively Training Sentiment Classifiers for Multiple Domains
19 Semiring Rank Matrix Factorisation
20 Scalable Algorithms for CQA Post Voting Prediction
21 On Fault Tolerance for Distributed Iterative Dataflow Processing
22 Geo-social Influence Spanning Maximization
23 Efficient Keyword-aware Representative Travel Route Recommendation
24 Differentially Private Data Publishing and Analysis: a Survey
25 App Miscategorization Detection: A Case Study on Google Play
26 Adaptive ensembling of semi-supervised clustering solutions
27 Searching Trajectories by Regions of Interest
28 Personal Web Revisitation by Context and Content Keywords with Relevance Feedback
29 Enhancing Binary Classification by Modeling Uncertain Boundary in Three-Way Decisions
30 Engagement dynamics and sensitivity analysis of YouTube videos
31 Discovering Newsworthy Themes From Sequenced Data: A Step Towards Computational Journalism
32 On Spectral Analysis of Signed and Dispute Graphs: Application to Community Structure
33 Human-Powered Data Cleaning for Probabilistic Reachability Queries on Uncertain Graphs
34 Keyword Search on Temporal Graphs
35 Profiling Entities over Time in the Presence of Unreliable Sources
36 Influence Maximization in Trajectory Databases
37 Predicting Persuasive Message for Changing Student’s Attitude using Data Mining
38 Experimental Analysis of Data Mining Application for Intrusion Detection with Feature Reduction
39 Applying Data Mining Techniques in Cyber Crimes
40 Probabilistic Models For Ad View ability Prediction On The Web
41 Mining Competitors from Large Unstructured Datasets
42 GALLOP: Global feature fused Location Prediction for Different Check-in Scenarios
43 Efficient Clue-based Route Search on Road Networks
44 Microscopic and Macroscopic spatio-temporal Topic Models for Check-in Data
45 Large-scale Location Prediction for Web Pages
46 Modeling Information Diffusion over Social Networks for Temporal Dynamic Prediction
47 Discrete Nonnegative Spectral Clustering
48 Managing Temporal Constraints with Preferences: Representation, Reasoning, and Querying
49 Facilitating Time Critical Information Seeking in Social Media
50 Stochastic Block modeling and Variational Bayes Learning for Signed Network Analysis
51 Finding Related Forum Posts through Content Similarity over Intention-based Segmentation
52 Big Search in Cyberspace
53 l-Injection: Toward Effective Collaborative Filtering Using Uninteresting Items
54 Towards Real-Time, Country-Level Location Classification of Worldwide Tweets
55 A Multi-objective Optimization Approach for Question Routing in Community Question Answering Sevices
56 Query Expansion with Enriched User Profiles for Personalized Search Utilizing Folksonomy Data
57 Reducing Uncertainty of Probabilistic Top-k Ranking via Pairwise Crowd sourcing
58 An Approach for Building Efficient and Accurate Social Recommender Systems using Individual Relationship Networks
59 A Probabilistic Model of Social Working Memory for Information Retrieval in Social Interactions
60 Gracker: A Graph-based Planar Object Tracker
61 Efficient High Utility Pattern Mining for Establishing Manufacturing Plans with Sliding Window Control
62 Information Seeking in Online Healthcare Communities: The Dual Influence From Social Self and Personal Self
63 Joint Alignment of Multiple Point Sets with Batch and Incremental Expectation- Maximization
64 Predicting Social Emotions from Readers’ Perspective
65 Public Interest Analysis Based on Implicit Feedback of IPTV Users
66 Uncertain Data Clustering in Distributed Peer-to-Peer Networks
67 Mining Fashion Outfit Composition Using an End-to-End Deep Learning Approach on Set Data
68 Supervised and Unsupervised Aspect Category Detection for Sentiment Analysis with Co-Occurrence Data
69 Design and Implementation of an RFID-Based Customer Shopping Behavior Mining System
70 A Natural Language Processing Framework for Assessing Hospital Readmissions for Patients with COPD
71 Event Detection and User Interest Discovering in Social Media Data Streams
72 Approaches to Cross-Domain Sentiment Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review
73 Building and Querying an Enterprise Knowledge Graph
74 A Novel Variable Precision Reduction Approach to Comprehensive Knowledge Systems
75 Multi-Target Regression via Robust Low-Rank Learning
76 New Splitting Criteria for Decision Trees in Stationary Data Streams
77 A Systematic Review on Educational Data Mining
78 Mining Human Activity Patterns from Smart Home Big Data for Healthcare Applications
79 Random Forest Classifier for Zero-Shot Learning Based on Relative Attribute
80 Scientific Workflow Mining in Clouds
81 Mining Online Discussion Data for Understanding Teachers' Reflective Thinking
82 Majority Voting and Pairing with Multiple Noisy Labeling
83 Detecting Stress Based on Social Interactions in Social Networks
84 Modeling and Learning Distributed Word Representation with Metadata for Question Retrieval
85 Collaborative Filtering-Based Recommendation of Online Social Voting
86 A New Methodology for Mining Frequent Item sets on Temporal Data
87 Distributed-Memory Breadth-First Search on Massive Graphs
88 Engagement and Popularity Dynamics of YouTube Videos and Sensitivity to Meta-Data
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1 K-Subspaces Quantization for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
2 Predicting Instructor Performance Using Data Mining Techniques in Higher Education
3 Learning Proximity Relations for Feature Selection
4 Aggregating Crowd sourced Quantitative Claims Additive and Multiplicative Models
5 Aspect-level Influence Discovery from Graphs
6 CMiner Opinion Extraction and Summarization for Chinese Microblogs
7 Inverted Linear Quadtree Efficient Top K Spatial Keyword Search
8 Large Margin Distribution Learning with Cost Interval and Unlabeled Data
9 Listwise Learning to Rank by Exploring structure of Objects
10 Microblog Dimensionality Reduction– A Deep Learning Approach
11 SEDEX Scalable Entity Preserving Data Exchange
12 Entropy Optimized Feature-Based Bag-of-Words Representation for Information Retrieval
13 Improving Construction of Conditional Probability Tables for Ranked Nodes in Bayesian Networks
14 Personalized Influential Topic Search via Social Network Summarization
15 Resolving Multi-Party Privacy Conflicts in Social Media
16 Scalable Semi-Supervised Learning by Efficient Anchor Graph Regularization
17 Using Hashtag Graph-Based Topic Model to Connect Semantically
18 Microblogging Content Propagation Modeling Using Topic-specific Behavioral Factors
19 ATD: Anomalous Topic Discovery in High Dimensional Discrete Data
20 Mining Health Examination Records — A Graph-based Approach
21 Set Matching Measures for External Cluster Validity
22 A General Multi-Context Embedding Model For Mining Human Trajectory Data
23 Online Subgraph Skyline Analysis over Knowledge Graphs
24 Proxies for Shortest Path and Distance Queries
25 Aggregating Crowd sourced Quantitative Claims: Additive and Multiplicative Models
26 Fast and accurate mining the community structure: integrating center locating and membership optimization
27 K Nearest Neighbour Joins for Big Data on MapReduce: a Theoretical and Experimental Analysis
28 Unsupervised Visual Hashing with Semantic Assistant for Contentbased Image Retrieval
29 Learning Mixtures of Markov Chains from Aggregate Data with Structural Constraints
30 Practical Approximate k Nearest Neighbor Queries with Location and Query Privacy
31 RSkNN: kNN Search on Road Networks by Incorporating Social Influence
32 Private Over-threshold Aggregation Protocols over Distributed Databases
33 Prefix-adaptive and Time-sensitive Personalized Query Auto Completion
34 User Preference Learning for Online Social Recommendation
35 Multilabel Classification via Co-evolutionary MultilabelHypernetwork
36 SPIRIT: A Tree Kernel-based Method for Topic Person Interaction Detection
37 Improving Collaborative Recommendation via User-Item Subgroups
38 Toward Optimal Feature Selection in Naive Bayes for Text Categorization
39 Adaptive Replication Management in HDFS Based on Supervised Learning
40 Quality-Aware Subgraph Matching Over Inconsistent Probabilistic Graph Databases
41 Analytic Queries over Geospatial Time-Series Data Using Distributed Hash Tables
42 Clustering Data Streams Based on Shared Density between MicroClusters
43 Conflict-Aware Weighted Bipartite B-Matching and Its Application to E-Commerce
44 Efficient R-Tree Based Indexing Scheme for Server-Centric Cloud Storage System
45 A Novel Recommendation Model Regularized with User Trust and Item Ratings
46 Building an intrusion detection system using a filter-based feature selection algorithm
47 Cyberbullying Detection based on Semantic-Enhanced Marginalized Denoising Auto-Encoder
48 Mining User-Aware Rare Sequential Topic Patterns in Document Streams
49 Top-Down XML Keyword Query Processing
50 Privacy-Preserving Utility Verification of the Data Published by Non-interactive Differentially Private Mechanisms
51 Microblog Dimensionality Reduction– A Deep learning Approach
52 Similarity Group-by Operators for Multi-dimensional Relational Data
53 Speeding-Up Association Rule Mining With Inverted Index Compression
54 A Social Influence Approach for Group User Modeling in Group Recommendation Systems
55 User Recommender System Based on Knowledge, Availability, and Reputation From Interactions in Forums
56 Assessing anti-depressants using intelligent data monitoring and mining of online fora
57 Probabilistic Static Load-Balancing of Parallel Mining of Frequent Sequences
58 Exploit Every Bit: Effective Caching for High-Dimensional Nearest Neighbor Search
59 Efficient and Exact Local Search for Random Walk Based Top-K Proximity Query in Large Graphs
60 Mining User-Aware Rare Sequential Topic Patterns in Document Streams
61 ATD: Anomalous Topic Discovery in High Dimensional Discrete Data
62 Crowdsourced Data Management: A Survey
63 A Survey of General-Purpose Crowdsourcing Techniques
64 Mining Health Examination Records — A Graph-based Approach
65 On Learning of Choice Models with Interactive Attributes
66 OMASS: One Memory Access Set Separation
67 A Survey on Trajectory Data Mining: Techniques and Applications
68 Insider Collusion Attack on Privacy-Preserving Kernel-Based Data Mining Systems
69 DARE: A Deduplication-Aware Resemblance Detection and Elimination Scheme for Data Reduction with Low Overheads
70 A Mixed Generative-Discriminative Based Hashing Method
71 DiploCloud: Efficient and Scalable Management of RDF Data in the Cloud
72 Probabilistic Static Load-Balancing of Parallel Mining of Frequent Sequences
73 Top-Down XML Keyword Query Processing
74 Top-k Spatio-Textual Similarity Join
75 Hybrid Bat algorithm for overlapping community detection
76 A Simulation-Based Multiobjective Optimization Approach for Health Care Service Management
77 A Model to Predict Low Academic Performance at a Specific Enrollment Using Data Mining
78 Analysis of supervise machine learning algorithm for heart disease prediction with reduced attributes using priciple component analysis
79 Bucket Based Data Deduplication Technique for Big Data Storage System
80 Energy-aware Scheduling in Virtualized Datacenters
81 Movie Recommender System
1 A Time Efficient Approach for Detecting Errors in Big Sensor Data on Cloud
2 Efficient Algorithms for Mining the Concise and Lossless Representation
3 Rank-Based Similarity Search Reducing the Dimensional Dependence
4 Relational Collaborative Topic Regression for Recommender Systems
5 Efficient Notification of Meeting Points for Moving Groups via Independent Safe Regions
6 Relevance Feature Discovery for Text Mining
7 Real-Time Big Data Analytical Architecture for Remote Sensing Application
8 Active Learning for Ranking through Expected Loss Optimization
9 Discovery of Path Nearby Clusters in Spatial Networks
10 Distributed Multi-Agent Online Learning Based on Global Feedback
11 Improving Stability of Recommender Systems A Meta-Algorithmic Approach
12 Top-k Similarity Join in Heterogeneous Information Networks
13 TASC: Topic-Adaptive Sentiment Classification on Dynamic Tweets
14 Differentially Private Frequent Itemset Mining via Transaction Splitting
15 Crowdsourcing Enumeration Queries Estimators and Interfaces
16 Authenticated Subgraph Similarity Searchin Outsourced Graph Databases
17 Privacy-Preserving Ciphertext Multi-Sharing Control for Big Data Storage
18 Structured Learning from Heterogeneous Behavior for Social Identity Linkage
19 Nonlinear Metric Learning with Kernel Density Estimation
20 Main-Memory Hash Joins on Modern Processor Architectures
21 Trust Evolution Modeling and Its Applications
22 SociaLite An Efficient Graph Query Language Based on Datalog
23 Best Keyword Cover Search
24 Co-Extracting Opinion Targets and Opinion Words from Online Reviews Based on the Word Alignment Model
25 Context-Based Diversification for Keyword Queries over XML Data
26 Discovery of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Apps
27 Malware Propagation in Large-Scale Networks
28 On Summarization and Timeline Generation for Evolutionary Tweet Streams
29 Privacy Policy Inference of User-Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites
30 Progressive Duplicate Detection
31 Reverse Nearest Neighbors in Unsupervised Distance-Based Outlier Detection
32 Route-Saver: Leveraging Route APIs for Accurate and Efficient Query Processing at Location-Based Services
33 Scalable Constrained Spectral Clustering
34 Towards Effective Bug Triage with Software Data ReductionTechniques
35 Tweet Segmentation and Its Application to Named EntityRecognition
36 Real-Time Detection of Traffic From Twitter Stream Analysis
37 T-Closeness through Microaggregation Strict Privacy with Enhanced Utility Preservation
38 k-Nearest Neighbor Classification over Semantically Secure Encrypted Relational Data
39 A Ranking Approach on Large-Scale Graph With Multidimensional Heterogeneous Information
40 Efficient Motif Discovery for Large-scale Time Series in Healthcare
41 Trusted Performance Analysis on Systems With a Shared Memory
42 Reverse Keyword Search for Spatio-Textual Data
43 A density aware data encryption scheme for outsourced databases
45 On the Use of Side Information for Mining screens
46 Predicting User Intrest
47 Self-Adjusting Slot Configurations for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Hadoop Clusters
48 TRACON Interference-Aware Scheduling for Data Intensive Applications in Virtualized Environments
49 Privacy Preserving data publishing for multiple numerical sensitive attributes
50 PRUDENT A Pruned and confident stacking approach for multilabel classification
1 Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
2 Fast Nearest Neighbor Search with Keywords
3 Approximate Shortest Distance Computing A Query-Dependent Local Landmark
4 LARS An Efficient and Scalable Location-Aware Recommender System
5 Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries
6 Privacy Preserving Delegated Access Control in Public Clouds
7 M-Privacy for Collaborative Data Publishing
8 Scalable Keyword Search on Large RDF Data
9 Secure Outsourced Attribute-Based Signatures
10 Dealing With Concept Drifts in Process Mining
11 Building Confidential and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud with RASP Data perturbation
12 A K-Main Routes Approach to Spatial Network Activity Summarization
13 A Probabilistic Approach to String Transformation
14 A System for Automatic Notification and Severity Estimation of Automotive Accidents
15 Commuter Route Optimized Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
16 Effective and Efficient Clustering Methods for Correlated Probabilistic Graphs
17 Mining Probabilistically Frequent Sequential Patterns in Large Uncertain Databases
18 Mining Statistically Significant Co-location and Segregation Patterns
19 Random Projection Random Discretization Ensembles—Ensembles of Linear Multivariate
20 Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases
21 Using Incomplete Information for Complete Weight Annotation of Road Networks
22 Web-Based Traffic Sentiment Analysis Methods and Applications
23 CoRE A Context-Aware Relation Extraction Method for Relation Completion
24 Best Peer++ A Peer-to-Peer Based Large-Scale Data Processing Platform
25 SOS A Distributed Mobile Q & A System Based on Social Networks
26 A Generic Framework for Top-${schmi k}$ Pairs and Top- ${schmi k}$ Objects
27 Incremental Detection of Inconsistencies in Distributed Data
28 Mapping XML to a Wide Sparse Table
29 Efficient Ranking on Entity Graphs with Personalized Relationships
30 Towards Multi-Tenant Performance SLOs
31 Authenticating Location-Based Skyline Queries in Arbitrary Subspaces
32 Authentication of Nearest Neighbor Query on Road Networks
33 Efficient Prediction of Difficult Keyword Queries over Databases
34 Privacy Preserving Authenticated Key Exchange Over Internet
35 Responsibility Analysis for Lineages of Conjunctive Queries with Inequalities
36 Trinity On Using Trinary Trees for Unsupervised Web Data Extraction
37 Data mining with big data
38 An Empirical Performance Evaluation of Relational Keyword Search Systems
39 A Two Level Topic Model Towards Knowledge Discovery from Citation Networks
40 A Methodology for Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention in Data Mining
41 Shortest Path Computing in Relational DBMSs
42 Active Learning of Constraints for Semi-Supervised Clustering
43 Toward integrating feature selection algorithms for classification and clustering
44 A Fast Clustering Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for High Dimensional
45 Multi Comm: Finding Community Structure in Multi-Dimensional Networks
46 Searching Dimension Incomplete Databases
47 CLARANS: a method for clustering objects for spatial data mining
48 Facilitating Effective User Navigation through Website Structure Improvement
49 Ontology Matching State of the Art and Future Challenges
50 A Graph Derivation Based Approach for Measuring and Comparing Structural Semantics
51 A Myopic Approach to Ordering Nodes for Parameter Elicitation in Bayesian Belief Networks
52 A Cocktail Approach for Travel Package Recommendation
53 Accuracy Constrained Privacy Preserving Access Control Mechanism for Relational
54 Facilitating Document Annotation Using Content and Querying Value
55 Discovering Emerging Topics in Social Streams via Link-Anomaly Detection
56 Keyword Query Routing
57 Privacy Preserving and Content-Protecting Location Based Queries
58 Security Evaluation of Pattern Classifiers under Attack
59 Towards Online Shortest Path Computation
60 OCCT A One Class Clustering Tree for Implementing One to Many Data Linkage
61 TrustedDB A Trusted Hardware based Database with Privacy and Data
62 A Model Driven Methodology For Developing Secure Data Management Applications
63 A Similarity Measure for Text Classification
64 MneMojno - Design and Deployment of a Semantic
65 Optimal Route Queries with..
66 Private Searching on Streaming
67 scalable Boostrap Clustering
68 Software defect prediction using relational association rule
69 Typicality based collabrative filtring recommendation
70 Web-Page Recommendat on Based on Web Usage and Domain Knowledge
71 Scalable Bootstrap Clustering For Massive Data data flow diagrams
72 A New Ensemble Approach for Dealing with Concept Drift
73 Optimistic Fuzzy Based Signature Identification
1 A New Algorithm for Inferring User Search Goals with Feedback Sessions
2 Annotating Search Results from Web Databases
3 Crowd sourcing Predictors of Behavioral Outcomes
4 Anomaly Detection via Online Over-Sampling Principal Component Analysis
5 Spatial Approximate String Search
6 Distributed Processing of Probabilistic Top-k Queries in Wireless Sensor
7 Facilitating Document Annotation Using Content and Querying Value
8 Protecting Sensitive Labels in Social Network Data Anonymization
9 Tweet Analysis for Real-Time Event Detection and Earthquake Reporting System
10 A Generalized Flow-Based Method for Analysis of Implicit Relationships
11 A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls
12 Anonymization of Centralized and Distributed Social Networks by Sequential
13 Document Clustering for Forensic Analysis: An Approach for Improving
14 A Method for Mining Infrequent Causal Associations and Its Application in
15 Clustering Sentence Level Text Using a Novel Fuzzy Relational
16 Intrusion Detection Technique by using K-means, Fuzzy Neural Network
17 Preventing Private Information Inference Attacks on Social Networks
18 Multiparty Access Control for Online Social Networks Model and Mechanisms
19 Incentive Compatible Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis
20 Comparable Entity Mining from Comparative Questions
21 Focus Learning to Crawl Web Forums.
22 PMSE A Personalized Mobile Search Engine
23 Robust Module Based Data Management
24 Sensitive Label Privacy Protection on Social Network Data
25 Privacy-Preserving Mining of Association Rules From Outsourced transaction databases
26 Supporting Search As You Type Using SQL in Databases
27 Creating Evolving User Behaviour Profiles Automatically
28 Using Data Mining Techniques In Heart Disease Diagnosis And Treatment
29 Search me If u Can Privacy-preserving Location Query Services
30 Adaptive Cluster Distance Bounding For High Dimensional Indexing
31 Investigation and Analysis of New Approach of Intelligent Semantic Web Search Engines
32 Secure Mining of association rules in horizontally distributed databases
1 A Unified Probabilistic Framework for Name Disambiguation in Digital library
2 A Survey of Indexing Techniques for Scalable Record Linkage and Deduplication
3 Organizing User Search Histories
4 A Framework for Personal Mobile Commerce Pattern Mining and Prediction
5 Publishing Search Logs A Comparative Study of Privacy Guarantees
6 Outsourced similarity search on Metric Data Assets
7 Ranking Model Adaptation for Domain-Specific Search
8 Slicing A New Approach for Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
9 Privacy Preserving Updates to Anonymous and Confidential Databases
10 Clustering with Multiviewpoint
11 Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining
12 A Link Based Cluster Ensemble Approach for Categorical Data Clustering
13 Efficient Multi dimensional Fuzzy Search for Personal Information
14 Anchor A Versatile and Efficient Framework for Resource Management
15 Mining Web Graphs for Recommendations
16 Energy Efficient Cooperative Video Distribution With Statistical Qos
17 Ranking and Clustering Software Cost Estimation Models through a Multiple comparisons algorithm
1 Counter measures against evolving search engine spamming techniques
2 Effective Navigation of Query Results Based on Concept Hierarchies
3 Sketch 4 Match Content based Image Retrieval System Using Sketches
4 Comparative Evaluation of Spoofing Defenses
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