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Btech Embedded System Mini Wireless Sensor Network Projects

Mini Wireless Sensor Network Projects are available in students will get unique project,it will help to get the knowledge about the projects

1 Communicating to 89S52 MCU through windows hyper terminal using RS-232 communication
2 Industrial electrical appliances control system using IR Remote (TSOP1738 IR receiver module)s
3 Wireless Music transmission and reception by IR communication
4 Radio frequency based remote Industrial Appliances control system
5 RF remote controlled metal detecting robot
6 Wireless Data Encryption and decryption for secured communication using RF
7 Wireless Electrical Apparatus Control System with Speed Control of AC motor in a plant using RF communication
8 Wireless DC Motor speed and direction Control using RF communication
9 Wireless Electronic Notice board with Multipoint Receiver
10 Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using IR (PWM and H-Bridge)
11 ZIGBEE based Secured Wireless Data transmission and Reception
12 ZIGBEE Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers
13 Two way Wireless Data Messaging System for Rural Areas using ZIGBEE Technology
14 ZIGBEE based wireless remote weather station monitoring system
15 DTMF based industrial automation and appliances control system (Control your industrial appliances through a mobile phone from anywhere on the planet)
16 Pc based electrical load control
17 RFID card based paid car parking
18 Secured wireless data communication (at89s52)
19 SMS based automated room system
20 RFID based toll collection system
21 SMS based weather report system
22 Energy Management With Zigbee
23 Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System
24 Embedded Web Tech in Traffic Monitoring System
25 Embedded System Based Vehicle Speed Control System Using Wireless Technology
26 Embedded Automobile Engine Locking System Using GSM Technology
27 Interfacing GPS with 8051 Microcontroller
28 A Digital Slate for the Next Generation Primary School Children that uses Touchscreen Technology.
29 GSM Technology based Industrial Monitoring and Controlling system with Auto Fencing Alerts.
30 A Border Alert Method for Fisherman with a boat Speedometer that Uses GPS Technology.
31 A Dual Tone Multi Frequency Based Manless Boat Control for Ocean Research Applications.
32 Touch Screen Based Industrial Electrical Devices Control System
33 RF Based Industrial Automation
34 Monitoring and Controlling of Power Distribution System Using Radio Frequency Technology
35 Touch screen Based Advanced Steel Industry Oven Temperature Monitoring and Control System
36 Wireless PC Based Load Control of Active Current Device
37 Transmission Line Cut Identifier by Using Wireless Microcontroller
38 Three-phase Automatic Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates by Using Dual GSM Modems
39 SMS Alerts Based Industrial Security System Using Smoke, LPG Gas and Fire Sensors
40 GSM Technology Based Speed Control of Thread Roller’s AC Motor in Spinning Mills by SMS
41 Zigbee and SCADA Based Intelligent Control of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor with Microcontroller
42 Implementation of SCADA System for Industrial Applicationswith Fence Security System Using GSM Technology.
43 SmartPhone based Speed and Direction Controller of Electric DC Motor
44 Zigbee WirelessTechnology based Monitoring and Alarm System
45 Automatic Vending System for Milk Booths Based on FPRS.
46 Designing and Implementation of a Sigma-Delta Based ADC for a GSM Receiver
47 Smart Card based Advanced Train Ticketing System
48 Implementation of Real Time Universal Digital Clock Using GPS Technology
49 RF Technology Based Automatic Speed Regulation Vehicles by Using Speed Zones
50 Zigbee Communication based Advanced Railway Track Fault Detection System by Using Remote Station Messaging System.
51 RFID and GSM Technology Based Acoustic Camera Positioning with Pan Zoom
52 RF Technology based Design of User Friendly Paper Presentation Control System by Using a Laser Light Pointer
53 GSM Technology based Power Theft Indicator with Load Shedding capability of a Transformer
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