Mtech/Btech Embedded Mini Robotics Projects

We are providing the list of the top embedded based Robotics mini projects ideas in this page. As many Final year engineering students are pursuing mtech and btech and search for the best Mini Robotics projects based on embedded systems,we are providing the latest Robotics mini projects using embedded systems. These project ideas will give real time knowledge on how to do the projects in a correct manner in final year

1 Wireless controlled RF Based pick and place robot with Base Rotation Elbow And Wrist Motion With a Functional Gripper
2 RF remote controlled metal detecting robot to assist bomb detecting squad on terrorists attacks
3 IR based Intelligent Autonomous self guided vehicle Robot for defense applications
4 Mobile Phone controlled DTMF based robotic boat to travel in water for ocean research applications
5 Wireless RF Controlled Fire Fighting Robot with high pressure air blower water sprinkler
6 Wireless RF Controlled LPG Detecting Robot for underground and mining applications
7 RF controlled robotic wheel chair for physically challenged with obstacle identification and musical alert system
8 IR based escaping cock robot Inspired by nature inspired by nature escapes from you if you try to catch it
9 Pc controlled spy robot
10 Voice controlled robot for physically challenged people
11 Super intelligent robot using smoke sensors and light dependent resistor
12 Robot with camera interface which can be used as a spy bot
13 Play with robotic eye(IR sensor)
14 wired robot
15 Obstacle detector robot/td>
16 A live human being detector in war fields
17 Fire fighting robot (at89s52)
18 Robot control using TV remote
19 Remote Controlled Robot
20 Solar Operated Robot
21 Intelligent Robot
22 Robotic Wheelchair To Follow A Caregiver
23 Dynamic Vehicle Routing For Robotic Systems
Human Detection Robot
1 DTMF Controlled Robot without microcontroller for industries and surveillance systems
2 RFID Warehouse Robot
3 Wireless Endorsed Operated Robot
4 Bomb Detecting Robot
5 Obstacle Detection Robot with Ultrasonic Sensors
6 GSM Controlled Robot using Microcontroller
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